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See Monthly Docs category for various new and used sales documents.

Total Used Light Vehicles by Car, Truck & SUV
Doc 2001
Unit sales broken out by car, light truck (including full size vans) and SUV (including mini vans) from 2005 through 2012.

Used Vehicle Sales by Age of Vehicle
Doc 2000
From years 2007 through 2012, used sales by vehicle age (from 1 year to 20 years-old). Includes by channel breakouts for franchised, independent and casual unit sales, average transaction price and dollar value. This is a yearly recap excerpt from CNW’s Used Vehicle Sales by DMA report. For more information contact us at

Francised Used Sales — Retail Same Brand
Doc 1804
Used Vehicle Sales same brand as the selling dealer (retail, non-CPO) 1990 through most recent.

Holiday Car Gift Giving
Doc 1586
From 1996 through most recent, the share of car and truck sales that are given as a holiday gift. Includes both new and used data.

Used Sales Projections by Channel w/BHPH & CPO
Doc 1583
Includes historical used sales by channel from 2000 and projections through 2020. Also includes Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) share and projections.

Share of Sales by Age Bracket
Doc 1581
New-car sales by age of primary driver (not contract signer) for years 1980 through current.

Private Party Sales
Doc 1573
Those who are willing to advertise vs. those who paid to advertise and a breakout of those paid for ads either online or offline. Years 1995 through June 2010.

Buy Here, Pay Here Sales and Avg. Retail
Doc 1555
From 2000 through current, BHPH units, average retail price, gross sales volume.

Toyota vs Others — Sales Index
Doc 1548
During the first quarter of 2010 when Toyota was at the height of its recall problems, a look at the share who dropped a Toyota model and where they went. Includes closing ratios.

Price Comparison: Private Party Sale vs Trade In
Doc 1545
For years 2006 through current, by three baskets of vehicle types, the difference between private party vehicles and similar trade-in values.

2009 Share of New and Used by Market Segment
Doc 1544
Share of new and used sales by market segment (e.g. Budget car).

State of the Pickup Truck Market
Doc 1531
A look at pickup sales from 2000 to projected 2010 and who will be buying those vehicles: appearance, contractor, fleet, RV tower or farmers/ranchers by share and units.

Floor Traffic, Conversion to Sales, Test Drive
Doc 1530
A sample of a new upcoming document measuring monthly sales, floor traffic by model, conversion of floor traffic to sales, share of floor traffic that takes a test drive.

Cars on the Road
Doc 1522
Sales, still operating and share removed since 1999.

Unemployment and Used-Vehicle Purchase Intentions
Doc 1518
Used-vehicle purchase intentions based on weeks of unemployment.

Vehicle Service Contract Penetration
Doc 1507
For years 2000 through current, the total number of new vehicle sales, the share who were offered a presentation on VSCs, the share who actually received a presentation and eventual buyers. Broken down by financed and cash buyers.

Lease Share Big Six
Doc 1500
The national lease share for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan as well as two breakouts: Kansas and Michigan. These are personal use leases of personal-use sales.

Average MSRP of Vehicles Acquired (Retail)
Doc 1495
The average MSRP for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan for years 2002 through most current. EXCLUDES FLEET, COMMERCIAL, BUSINESS SALES

Used Sales by Brand and Type
Doc 1490
Full year 2008 sales by brand and share of total used sales.

Small and Medium Business
Doc 1489
Length of ownership, size of fleet and average vehicle price for commercial sales to small and medium businesses. Includes replacement cycle.

Finance Rejections’ Impact on Sales
Doc 1488
Sales including those rejected finance applications plus other data.

Finance Rejections by Quarter
Doc 1487
Shows monthly data, sales and intenders plus the share rejected.

Intenders and Lost Sales by Month and Reason
Doc 1485
A rather extensive spreadsheet showing: monthly sales, number of new-vehicle intenders, share of sales by intenders, the number and share of those who felt they couldn’t qualify for a loan, sales if they had been approved and other related data.

Where Did MARCH’s Sales Go?
Doc 1482
Companion to 1463, a look at why intenders dropped out.

Sales by Month by FICO — Different Cut
Doc 1481
Shifting “Prime” down to 680 from 720 and also adjusting Near Prime and Sub-Prime, we look at share of sales by month from January 2006.

Lack of Leasing — Lost Sales
Doc 1479
An extensive document showing sales, lease share and the share of leases written to hard-core lessees and discretionary lessees. As leasing was pulled by auto companies, many discretionary lessees dropped out of the market. Here’s how many sales were lost.

Key Market Impact on Sales — New and Used
Doc 1477
Companion to Document 388 showing the Key Market as a share of population, intenders, sales, sales as a share of key market and population. Much more.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Sales Slide
Doc 1471
From first going on sale til February ’09, the monthly sales for FJ Cruiser shows the typical pattern for specialty vehicles of unique design. High early, low late.

Where Did FEBRUARY’s Sales Go?
Doc 1463
When January intenders dropped out of the February market, who were they?

Used Vehicle Sales: Share of Annual Sales by Month
Doc 1458
Using a 12-year average of sales by month, a look at how 2009 should shape up for used sales using both the 12-year average an a likely distribution pattern as the industry recovers from the economic doldrums.

Stimulus Bill Impact on Auto Sales
Doc 1454
Excluding any other events, how does the Stimulus bill impact auto sales? We look at pickups, fleets and retail including leasing, finance and cash sales for years 2009 through 2011. Again, this is stimulus-bill specific (See RAS for details.)

Retail Sales Luxury Brands
Doc 1447
Total sales and retail share for the fourth quarter of 2008 by month.

Used Sales in Millions — Historic
Doc 1439
For years 1982 through current, the number of retail used-vehicle sales.

Retail and Commercial Sales Directly from Dealerships
Doc 1406
A look at pure retail and dealer-sold sales for Premium Luxury, Detroit 3 and mass market imports by month since January ’07. National, California, Texas, Florida.

Use of Internet Among New-Used Car Buyers
Doc 1403
How is the internet used and what share of consumers use the internet for a new vehicle information? We’ve combined new and used sales, the percent who have internet access, the share with high-speed internet connections, and the primary use of the internet from email to shopping. 1996 through current.

New Vehicle Sales and Pent Up Demand
Doc 1400
Looking at years 1996 through 2008, new-car sales plus pent-up demand provides a look at what actual sales COULD have been.

How Long to Hybridize America?
Doc 1399
This open source spreadsheet (you can change data) we look at the U.S. population,cars on the road, scrappage rates, new sales and other factors, then overlay the potential sales of hybrids. How long will it take to have all cars on the road hybridized?

Louisiana’s Road Back
Doc 1390
After Hurricane Katrina, many of Louisiana’s businesses were devastated. But recent used-car sales are showing how both unit sales and dollar volumes are up.

Retail Activity — Multiple Industries
Doc 1385
At mid year, the retail activity for autos, jewelry, home improvements, home electronics and home appliances vs. previous year. National and various states. Includes retail sales and floor traffic. Also includes Service and Parts for autos.

Share of Sales — Large SUVs, FS Pickups
Doc 1369
A comparison of the past five years market share for SUVs and full-size pickups. IMPORTANT: Shows the number of appearance buyers and the relative stability of full-size pickup sales when these fashion statement drivers are removed from the data.

Share Car v Truck, SUV v Truck Sales
Doc 1367
A month over month comparison of car v truck sales by DMA during rapidly rising gasoline prices.

Small Cars Added to Family Fleet
Doc 1363
The number of small car sales that are additions to the family fleet and the number without a trade in.

Total Rental and Corporate Fleet Sales
Doc 1362
Number of units sold to large commercial enterprises and daily rentals.

New Vehicle Sales Using Home Equity Loans
Doc 1359
By State for cy 07 and cy 06, the use of home equity loans for a new-vehicle acquisition including number of units.

Used of Home Equity Loan for New Car Acquisition
Doc 1357
Share of new-vehicle sales that are made with a home equity loan for a variety of states from California to New York, Florida to Washington State.

Retail, Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Sales
Doc 1352
The share of new-vehicle sales that are made for personal use, fleet and commercial use. For years 2000 through most recent.

Used SUV Sales
Doc 1347
SUVs of all shapes and sizes have had a rough go on the new-car side, but what’s happening with used SUV sales? CNW is the only source for accurate used retail data. Here are franchised, independent and private party sales by month ’08 v ’07.

Crossover Sales
Doc 1346
They used to be called “sport wagons” but “crossovers” has stuck. Here are the models and sales for cy ’05 through ’07.

Southern California Market Trends
Doc 1343
Here’s a look at Q1 08 vs. Q1 07 retail sales overall and retail sales by sample brands. Also shows floor traffic trends and vehicle being considered (shopping list).

Dealership Staff Turnover
Doc 1341
Broken down by salespersonnel, office staff and technicians, here’s the average turnover rates from 1990 to most recent.

New Sales by FICO Score ’07
Doc 1325
Share of new vehicle sales by FICO score including the value of all new vehicles, the share financed including leases, number of vehicles financed, share cash and more.

Gay Market — Share of Total Retail Sales
Doc 1299
A look at the gay market and its share of new and used sales volume as well as share of new and used dollar volume. Years 1995 through 2007.

Incentives Impact on Used Sales by Dealers
Doc 1291
A quick comparison of Pontiac dealership and Honda dealership used-vehicle sales as a share of all Pontiac and Honda used sales (any source). It basically shows that there incentives have little if any impact on used sales volumes. Honda’s relatively low incentive levels on the new side, but dealer share of Honda used sales has increased. The opposite is true for Pontiac dealers where incentives where incentives have increased on new cars but dealer share of used Pontiac sales has declined.

Brand Deterioration
Doc 1290
Shows by-brand deterioration for cy 2007 vs. 2006 and the percent change. Based on new-vehicle intenders through the entire shopping process. The number of shoppers needed for each 100,000 sales. Companion to Document 1278.

Purchase Deferments and Lost New-Car Sales
Doc 1272
The average number of months that new-car intenders delay a new-vehicle acquisition, the percent who cancel a vehicle acquisition, the number of sales lost because of such cancellations, the size of the Key Market, Reported sales and potential sales. For years 1986 to most recent.

Percent of Sales per Week of Total Monthly Sales
Doc 1270
Shows the percentage of monthly sales by week for franchised new-car dealerships. For years 2000 through most current.

How Important are Used Sales to Franchised Dealers?
Doc 1269
By geographic region, the percent of franchised new-car dealerships who say used sales are important to their business survival. From 1995 to most current.

Sub-Prime and Source of Used Vehicle Financing
Doc 1268
Covers from 2000 to 2012 (forecast). Shows total used sales, share financed, share placed by a bank, credit union, finance company or “other”.

Generic Fleet, Retail and Personal-Use Sales
Doc 1266
By month for the first half o 2007 vs. 2006 the commercial and government fleet sales, personal use and pure retail.

Sales Changes — Select Products
Doc 1265
A comparison of ’06 and ’07 sales changes for select products including retail auto sales, mass market boats, luxury boats, mass-market jewelry, high-end clothes, housing and home improvements. Shows U.S., California and Florida markets.

Pure Retail Sales
Doc 1264
A look at sales and commercial/fleet deliveries for ’07 and ’06 (first half). Shows total sales, fleet/commercial and pure retail deliveries. Includes GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, plus a combined “minor players” category.

Auto Sales Rough Spots
Doc 1256
Among those who considered a new vehicle but didn’t acquire one, here are the reasons ranging from “dealer attitudes” to a mismatch with intended use. Broken down by a number of brands including Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Lexus, etc.

Conquest Sales
Doc 1251
Where do buyers for Saturn, Honda, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai come from? We look at the vehicles that are replaced in a household (not necessarily traded in). Also includes Accord, Camry, Fusion, Sonata and Saturn Aura.

Car and Truck Sales by State
Doc 1249
CY2006, population, state population rank, population share and the share of sales that are cars vs. trucks.

New and Used Sales from 1976 through 2010
Doc 1247
Sales of new cars and used cars from private party, franchised dealers and independent dealers shows the total vehicle transactions per year for 1976 through most recent

Car-Based Station Wagons
Doc 1244
Past and forecasted sales of station wagons in the U.S.

Luxury Car Sales in Georgia
Doc 1242
A quick look at the state of Georgia and the sale of luxury models for years 1990 through 2006. Why Georgia? As a fast-growing and changing state, it represented the “new” South economically. Besides, someone asked.

Ultra Luxury Cars — Sales and Demographics
Doc 1235
Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford GT, Lamborghini, Carrera GT and Bentley: A look at sales and demographics for 1995, 1996 and 2006. the share who are self-employed, median age, home ownership and number of vehicles in the household.

Used Leases: Share of Used Sales, Cap Cost
Doc 1229
A monthly look, from 2004, at the number of used vehicles leased through franchised and independent dealers as well as the contracted cap cost. % Change included.

Non-Compliance with Sales and Service Agreement
Doc 1225
As some auto companies try to weed out excessive number of dealerships, the use of “non compliance” with the sales and service agreement has grown since 2000.

Home Mortgages — Sub Prime
Doc 1224
Home prices have hurt auto sales. Here’s the U.S. and Texas share of Prime, Non-Prime and Sub-Prime home mortgage shares for cy00 through Q1 of ’07.

What Shoppers Expect from Sales, F&I Staff
Doc 1223
From appearance to being talked “down” to, new-vehicle shoppers have set ideas of how sales staffs should look and act. But the results vary by age group. We include seven age brackets from 18 to over 75.

New-Used Vehicles Sub Prime Market
Doc 1214
A look at new and used sub-prime from 1993 through 2006. Includes new units, new-units financed, financed share of total sales, transaction price financed, Value of financed vehicles, amount financed, % of value financed, % C and D paper of amount financed, share that is sub prime, dollar value of sub prime and similar data for the Used Vehicle segment.

Satisfaction with Dealership Experience
Doc 1212
On a 10-point scale, the ratings given to dealership sales, F&I and service departments for years 1990 through 2006.

Top Vehicle Markets Summary
Doc 1211
Looking at California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois, the year-over-year ups and down of retail deliveries, floor traffic and sales for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan (at retail, excluding fleets).

Market Share by Segment
Doc 1204
The by month share of sales each of the vehicle marketing segments represent. See Document 1083 for 2005 and the regularly appearing Segment green document.

January-February Foul Weather Impact on Sales
Doc 1200
Bad weather has a major impact on new vehicle sales and specifically by region of the country. This past winter is a good example. What makes weather increasingly important, however, is the ability of consumers to put off a new-vehicle acquisition for months at a time because the quality is so much improved the replacement market has diminished dramatically. Also see Document 901. Document includes weather’s impact on New Vehicle Intentions, postponements, floor traffic, shifts in family budget and auto-related online shopping.

Car and Truck Sales by Gender
Doc 1193
For each model sold in the U.S. in cy06, the percentage and unit volume by gender. Includes segment totals. These are primary drivers, not necessarily buyers.

U.S. and California Markets — Retail Sales
Doc 1191
For full-year 2006, the industry’s share of sales that went to fleet and personal use. Also includes data for California.

Segment Shares by Month
Doc 1183
For cy05 and cy06, the share of sales by market segment by month.

Luxury and Mass Market Breakdown — U.S. v California
Doc 1181
Compares sales shares for luxury models (over $40,000) of all market segments and mass market vehicles and how sales have faired through October ’06.

California Market
Doc 1178
Compares California and the U.S. including Home Equity used for a vehicle purchase, credit card use for downpayment, share of creative mortgages, decline in home equity, variable rate mortgages due in ’06, share of 2nd mortgages, floor traffic for mass and luxury markets, jewelry sales and other such data.

California Big-Ticket Sales
Doc 1175
Not just cars have been hurt by the slow housing market in California. Here’s what’s happened to high-end jewelry, vacation homes, designer clothes and vacation homes.

Hispanic and African American Sales by Brand
Doc 1172
The share of individual brand’s sales that are made to Hispanic and African-American consumers for years 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Sales vs. Online Searches
Doc 1167
Comparing all searches on the internet for a vehicle against actual sales reveals a huge disconnect. Number one vehicle in sales: F Series Ford pickups; Number one searched vehicle, Prius which is only 50th in sales.

California Snapshot
Doc 1164
The Golden State’s top sellers, most popular colors, population and share of total U.S. sales. Also includes number of non-licensed drivers for LA and California.

Per Dealership Sales — New and Used
Doc 1160
On a per outlet basis, the number of vehicles sold by month since January 2000.

Sport Wagon (Cross Over) Sales
Doc 1159
Looking at sales of this segment of the market, we note some mixed results.

An Historic Look at Labor Day Weekend Floor Traffic
Doc 1156
A key indicator for consumer interest in automobiles, Labor Day weekend is the launching window for year end sales and new model year launches.

Pickup Truck Buyers by Use of Vehicle
Doc 1147
Current and historical breakdown of who buys pickups and the sales changes for the first eight months of 2006 vs. 2005. Includes years 1985, 2001-2006.

Closing Ratios by Type of Customer / Shopper
Doc 1144
What’s the difference in closing rates among walk in, customer referral, repeat lease, prospected by a salesperson and the internet generated customer? Here’s the closing ratios for years cy03-most current.

California Market vs. U.S. Market
Doc 1141
Here are the total U.S. and total California sales data and the retail share of each for 2005 and 2006.

Smart Car Intentions
Doc 1134
Based on various price points, here are potential sales, showroom visits.

New and Used Vehicle Sales by Segment — Summary
Doc 1108
The market sales by market segment. Includes the percent change. Share of sales YTD also included for years ’03 to most recent. Also includes market segmentation and sales by segment for used vehicles.

Hyundai Personal Use and Fleet Sales
Doc 1091
Shows growing percentage of Hyundai sales that are personal use and fleet. Years cy03 through cy05 plus January and February of 06.

Retail Sales (Excluding Fleet) by Age Bracket
Doc 1087
A look of retail sales by age group (primary drivers) for cy06 showing sales share and the percentage of intenders, also by age bracket. Shows the number of intenders byage bracket who drop out of the new-vehicle search.

Market Share by Segment — 2005 v 2004
Doc 1083
A monthly tabulation of sales by market segment including market share, month v month and year to date v year to date changes. Adjunct to Doc 126m

New and Used Vehicle Sales by Brand
Doc 1064
A tabulation of used-vehicle sales by brand from franchised, independent dealers and private party. Shows share of used sales. Compares against new sales and sales share.

GM v Toyota Sales by Region
Doc 1055
Both retail and total sales by regions (West, South Central, Southeast, Northeast, North Central states).

Passenger Cars and Light Trucks — Retail Deliveries
Doc 1049
A look at total car and truck sales, the number of retail deliveries and the share leasing is taking of retail. Also includes California’s lease share. Annual from 1984 into future.

Changes in Used Prices by Segment by Month
Doc 1041
A look at the change in used-vehicle prices by market segment, by month for 2005 compared to the same month in 2004. IMPORTANT NOTE: THESE ARE RETAIL SALES from all three used-vehicle channels (franchised, independent, casual) and NOT auctions.

Private Party Used Sales and Financing Sources
Doc 1035
Covering the first eight months of 2005, we look at the transaction prices, units sold in the private party market, the percentage that were cash and financed, the number and share that went to credit unions, banks and other sources.

Sales Satisfaction With Sales Staffs
Doc 1031
Broken down by “singles” and “couples” our mystery shoppers in 27 markets test some real-world relationships with sales staffs. Also broken down by male shoppers facing a female salesperson as well as other combinations. Very interesting stuff.


What Will ’05 Sales Be?
Doc 1029
A quick analysis of eventual ’05 sales based on historic monthly shares and sales rates.

Sales on September 11
Doc 1027
Are Americans forgetting September 11th? Not really. New-vehicle sales continue to be somewhat less on September 11th than other days. Here’s a look based on day-of-the-week for both National and New York DMA.

Big Three Share of Used Sales, Used Values
Doc 1023
Shows average transaction price of brand’s sales, value and shares.

Franchised Sales of Used Vehicle Sales
Doc 1020
Employee Discounting has resulted in franchised dealers gaining used-car sales share.

GM Employee Discount Impact — Part 2: July ’05
Doc 1011b
We look at the June stats to see the impact the GM Employee Discount has had on GM stores. Included are floor traffic vs. ’04 and Previous Month, the share of floor traffic that had been considering competitive brands, share who haggled over price, sales satisfaction levels, recommendations of dealer, and other information.

GM Employee Discount Impact — Part 1: June ’05
Doc 1011
We look at the June stats to see the impact the GM Employee Discount has had on GM stores. Included are floor traffic vs. ’04 and Previous Month, the share of floor traffic that had been considering competitive brands, share who haggled over price, sales satisfaction levels, recommendations of dealer, and other information.

Interest Rate Forecasts and Impact on Sales
Doc 1009
The Federal Reserve often signals its intentions on interest rate increases and decreases. What impact does that have on auto sales? Here’s a look based on a thorough analysis of historic data and Purchase Path surveys (by quarter point increase/decrease anticipations.

Share of JDP IQ Responses
Doc 1004
A quick look at the potential share of JDP Initial Quality responses based on market shares of sales. Some probable response numbers are pretty small.

New and Used Sales by State
Doc 1002
Here are the unit volume of new-vehicle deliveries by state as well as used-vehicle sales by state. Also shows the state’s population and population rank. You can copy this data to a new spreadsheet and perform other calculations such as sales rank by state.

Car and Truck Sales by Political Party
Doc 1000d
Same as below but a summary showing brand and sort by party affiliation.

Car and Truck Sales by Political Party
Doc 1000
Here’s a look at every model sold in cy04 and the percentage and units by Self-Described Republican, Democrat and Independent.

Personal Use Sales by Age Bracket
Doc 999
A look at sales of vehicles by age brackets ranging from 15-19 to 70-plus.

CY04 Sales vs. Intenders
Doc 998
Shows the share of cy04 sales by brand (car and truck) and the number of people who intended to make that acquisition as well as the share of total intenders. Make sure to thoroughly read the foot note.

Incentive Shares by Type of Incentive
Doc 994
A quarterly look at incentive spending and the share of total incentive dollars spent for each of the various incentive types ranging from cash discounts and zero percent financing to subsidized lease residuals and other sales encouragements.

FICO Data 2004 and 2006 EST.
Doc 993
Used vehicle sales by all FICO scores showing unit volume and share of sales.

Sales per Dealership
Doc 990
By brand, the number of new units sold by dealership.

Salespersonnel Turnover
Doc 988
By brand, the annualized turnover of salespeople at franchised new-car dealerships. Note: This is one of the critical components in seeing the volume direction of a brand and industry.

Independent Lease Company Share of Leases
Doc 986
From 1990 to present, the unseen impact of independent lease companies and their share of all personal-use leases. Most are calculated as “cash sales” by automakers.

Gasoline Price Impact on SUV Sales
Doc 984
Different brand intenders have different responses to higher fuel prices. Some postpone the acquisition while others simply move down a notch in size or engine displacement. Here’s a look at the most recent data.

Retail Used Vehicle Sales by Select States and by Age
Doc 982
Used vehicle sales by the age of those vehicles (1 to 20 years old) for 1994 including total U.S., California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana.
Includes average transaction price, total value and volumes by franchised dealers, independent dealers and private parties.

Personal Use Lease of Personal Use Sales
Doc 980
From 1984 through a projection for 2007, a look at the share personal use leases has gotten and will get of total personal use sales (excluding fleets, government, etc. sales).

Pickup Sales by Buyer Type
Doc 979
The five categories of pickup truck buyers and the share of total pickup sales they represent. Years from 2000 through most recent plus 1985 as a point of reference.

Future of Used Car Dealers
Doc 966
A look at the future for used-vehicle dealers including the number of outlets, number of owners, sales per outlet, internet sales and other quick points.

Women Influence on Vehicle Selection of Sales
Doc 954
From 1975 to current, the percentage of women who had a significant influence on the vehicle purchased.

Dealership Owners by Gender
Doc 953
Shows total industry sales, number of dealerships, new sales per outlet per year, average sales per month per dealership. Breaks this down by women-owned and male-owned dealerships.

Minivan Sales
Doc 952
For ’03 and ’04, the number of units, transaction price and total value.

Women Make Winners or Losers of Brands in ’04
Doc 947
By brand, car and truck, shows the change in sales ’04 v ’03 and the change in the number of men and women who purchased these vehicles. Overall conclusion: Women tilted the scales to make a winning or losing brand.

Sales and Values of Vehicles Sold — New and Used
Doc 946
Shows the unit sales and the value of vehicles sold in cy02, cy03 and cy04. This is a summary of Document 270.

Personal-Use Hybrid Sales
Doc 945
Shows cy04 through a projected cy10 growth pattern. These are “true” hybrids used for personal use only and exclude fleet or business sales.

Brand Deterioration / Consideration
Doc 942
Of those people who initially put a particular brand’s product on their new-vehicle shopping list, this doc shows the percentage who actually purchase that brand. It shows the number of intenders needed for each “100,000 sales.” 1997-2004 covered.

Premium SUV Shares
Doc 941
Since 2000, premium SUVs have increased their share of all sales, all intenders and loyalty among repeat buyers. Here’s the data through cy04.

Minority SAAR / September 03 v 04
Doc 935
Hispanic and Black-American delivery rates for cy 2003 and cy 2004 through September. These show only personal use sales.

Teen Parents Who Pay for Kids’ Vehicles
Doc 926
A pull out of other documents such as 133 and 233 showing the teen sales share of total sales for new and used vehicles as well as the percentage of parents who pay the full price of the vehicle. Shows base year 1985 and each year from 1996 to most recent.

Profit Margins at Dealerships
Doc 925
Excluding vehicles for businesses and fleets, what do auto dealership profit margins look like for new and used sales, new and used F&I, service and parts / accessories? Shows data by year beginning in cy 2000.

Fleet Orders for Pickups and Vans
Doc 917
Share of fleet sales / orders by month from January 2003.

Personal Use Share of All Vehicle Sales
Doc 912
A look at GM, Ford and Chrysler’s share of personal use sales (excluding fleet, corporate, government, etc.). Includes annual percentages from 1980 through 2004.

August 2004 v July 2004 Lease, Cash, Finance
Doc 911
A quick look and easy format to copy by subscribers showing a current month vs. a previous month share of leasing, financing and cash sales.

Intenders vs. Actual Sales
Doc 907
We show the percentage of new-vehicle and new-home intenders who actually make a car or house purchase for the years 1995 through most recent.

Unit Sales by Fico Score
Doc 894a
Companion to Document 900 showing the unit sales by fico score and CNW rating. Shows new vehicles only.

Lease, Cash, Finance
Doc 886
A quick synopsis of June 04 vs. June 03 share of lease, cash or financed vehicle sales by car and truck brands. Includes percent change.

Used-Vehicle Buyers’ Information Sources
Doc 885
Lots has been said about the growing importance of the Internet used-vehicle sales. But here’s a Purchase Path study look at the primary source of used-vehicle information. In addition, we look at all of the sources a used-car shopper looks to when making a product decision.

Used Prices and Sales by Age Group
Doc 881
We look at unit sales, dollar values, average prices paid for used vehicles by age group.

Why Detroit Minivans Are Suffering
Doc 879
An analysis of why Big Three minivans are impacted in the sales arena by consumers who grew up on Japanese brands.

Small Pickups — Finance, Lease and Cash
Doc 870
A brief look at one market segment and the share of sales that are leased, financed and cash.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 867
Sorted by Market Segment. Addition to Documents listed below beginning with 833.

Car and Truck Sales — Income by Model and Segment
Doc 857
Sorted by Accumulated income of all acquirers.
Car and Truck Sales — Income by Model and Segment
Doc 856
Sorted by Average Income to Transaction Price ratio

Car and Truck Sales — Income by Model and Segment
Doc 855
Sorted by Average Income

Car and Truck Sales — Income by Model and Segment
Doc 853
Shows average income by model and the accumulated income of all acquiring each model sold.

Used Vehicle Sales by State — 2003
Doc 850
Shows the number of units sold, number of franchised and independent dealer, private party sales, average sales by outlet for calendar year 2003. See other docs for other years.

Used Vehicle Sales by Finance Source
Doc 840
The percentage of total transfers (with a financial exchange) that were financed, cash and lease for years 1997 through 2003.

Projection of Sales by Brand Car and Truck
Doc 838
Projections, not forecasts, of likely sales shares by all current brands broken down by cars and trucks. Shows actual sales share from 1999 through present and projects through 2006. Also shows a “best case” share for Big Six brands through 2006.

Branded Goods — Total Industry
Doc 841
Shows years 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2003 total unit sales, percent who bought branded goods, share of buyer, amount spent and total value.

Branded Goods
Doc 835
From bicycles to a simple T-shirt, some consumers have a desire to be associated with a particular brand. Among automakers, here is the by-brand look at how much consumers spend on those goods. Data shows the cy2003 vehicle sales, share of sales market, the percentage who bought branded goods within six months of the vehicle’s acquisition, the amount spent, total value and the share of total value.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 846
Sorted by Dollar per vehicle discount from MSRP

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 845
Sorted by Value in billions based on transaction prices.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 844
Sorted by Amount of revenue lost due to discounting.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 843
Document 842 sorted by percent discount from MSRP.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 842
Document 842 sorted by percent personal use.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 833
This document shows every model vehicle sold in the U.S. in cy2003 breaking it down by personal use, both the MSRP and the transaction prices for each model, value of those vehicles to the auto industry and much more. Also shows the data by brand. For 2002, see Document 697 through 703.

New and Used Home Buyers Postpone Car Buying
Doc 827
Quite honestly, we were baffled by a softness in the new-vehicle market during the opening months of 2004. So we turned to our ongoing Purchase Path studies on other goods and services to attempt to uncover other reasons for the softness. After all, floor traffic has been strong, intentions high but the sales numbers have lagged. Lo and behold, one reason is the hot housing market and people moving funds from car to house. Cars can wait (another deal is just around the corner) but interest rates are likely to rise so a house is a higher priority.

Commercial Sales — Share by Business Classification
Doc 824
A look at GM, Ford, Chrysler, Asian and European share-of-commercial sales in calendar year 2003.

Business / Commercial / Non-Personal Use of Light Duty Trucks
Doc 820
Here, by segment, are total sales, commercial sales and the percentage of total sales that are commercial.

Vehicle Sales Projections for LA DMAs
Doc 816
New and used vehicle sales in 2001-2007 for New Orleans and Baton Rouge DMAs, Louisiana and U.S.

Credit Life — Historic
Doc 806
For years 1994 through 2003, a look at credit life penetration vs. sales for both new and used operations. Note: Data adjusts for cancellations.

Sales, Floor Traffic and Closing Ratios by DMA
Doc 805
A statistical look at the forecasted change in sales by DMA, the percent change in projected floor traffic by DMA and closing ratios for some key DMAs. Example: New York is projected to have a 2.91 percent increase in sales in 2004 on a 1.88 percentage floor traffic increase. Closing ratios were up 10.6 percent in the second half of 2003 vs. the first half of last year.

Projected Sales by DMA for ’04, Actuals for ’03
Doc 804
These aren’t necessarily forecasts, rather projections based on historic trends and current economic activity in each of the DMAs. The document also shows the actual sales by DMA for calendar years 2001 through 2003. Note, the data represents the where the new vehicles reside, not necessarily where they were purchased.

Certified Used Vehicle Sales
Doc 797
Here are some data on certified used-vehicle sales by manufacturer. Cy2000 through 2003

Internet Survey Accuracy
Doc 786
When surveys are conducted among only I’ net new-vehicle intenders, a skewed view of the world results. Here’s a comparison between Internet survey results and “live” interview results. Shows variance between brand intentions vs. actual sales.

Boomers Brand Preferences
Doc 784
We look at three age groups — 45-54, 55-64 and 65-plus — and what new-vehicle intenders intend to buy (by brand). For comparison sake, we’ve included the entire industry (all age groups). Note: This percentage can be compared against actual sales share to determine brand intenders vs. buyers. Survey conducted among new-vehicle intenders followed up at time of actual purchase comparing shopping list one month prior to acquisition with actual vehicle selected.

Closing Ratios by Brand
Doc 774
This test document shows each brand, closing ratio by brand and the number of shoppers needed to reach the sales. Shows that Hummer, in August, had the highest closing rate thus requiring the lowest number of shoppers to reach its actual sales.

Finance Type by State
Doc 767
Shows 2003; retail leases, cash and financed sales.

Hispanic, Asian, African-American Sales
Doc 764
Share by brand for Hispanic, Asian, African-American and “Other” sales for the first six months of 2003.

Ownership Attrition (per 1000 New Vehicle Sales)
Doc 762
Here’s a tuffy to explain. We show the number of transfers of vehicles to other household me members, the units transferred, the cumulative transfers, the number traded or retained (per 1000), the percent that are traded or retained of those not transferred, and the beat goes on. This is a “Nerd of the First Magnitude” spreadsheet, but a good one.

New, Used Income and Age Stats
Doc 758
From 1967 through 2002, the number of new and used sales, median age of both, median income of both, new and used share of total vehicle sales.

Sales by Finance Type
Doc 755
This is for years 2002 and 2001. Addition to Document 439.

Lease Penetration by Market Segment
Doc 750
Leasing’s share of sales by specific market segment such as “Budget Car” since 1985.

New and Used Sales by State
Doc 744
A by-state and by-region look at 2002 new and used car sales.

Leasing and the Luxury Car Market
Doc 741
Luxury cars have typically been the leading segment when it comes to personal use leases. But zero percent financing has trimmed leasing dramatically even in the luxury car market. Here’s a breakdown by lease, finance and cash sales from 2000 through 2008.

Employment Data
Doc 735
When analysts tie auto sales to unemployment rates (and other economic data), it might be of use to have access to the historic stats. Here are the numbers for years between 1970 and 2003 and some interesting takes on how that data should change. For more information, see Retail Automotive Summary, August 2003 issue.

Used Luxury Sales by Brand and Channel
Doc 729
Who sells the most 11 year old Mercedes Benz vehicles? M-B franchised dealers; non-M-B franchised dealers? Independent dealers? Private Parties? A look at some luxury marques. Broken down by 1 to 5, 6 to 10 and 11-plus year old models.

BMW Sales as an Economic Indicator
Doc 723
There are many ways of determining how the economy is doing. Watching the BMW 3 and 5 Series sales is just one of them.

Sales by Age Bracket
Doc 720
Shows vehicles purchased, percent of sales by age bracket and by market segment.

Used Sales by DMA
Doc 716b
We look at the population of each DMA, its share of U.S. population, used sales in 2004, share of used transfers by DMA, percent of transfers to population and the share of sales by channel (franchised, independent and private party). See next item below.

Used Sales by DMA
Doc 716
We look at the population of each DMA, its share of U.S. population, used sales in 2002, share of used transfers by DMA, percent of transfers to population and the share of sales by channel (franchised, independent and private party).

Locate to Order, Build to Order
Doc 711
How many high-line vehicle sales fall into either the Locate or Build to Order categories? We look at some brands and the actual days’ delay when B2O is used.

Used Vehicle Sales by State — 2002
Doc 706
Shows the number of units sold, number of franchised and independent dealer, private party sales, average sales by outlet for calendar year 2002. See other docs for other years.

Personal Use Sales and Values — 6
Doc 703
Document 697 shorted by personal use value within each segment.

Personal Use Sales and Values — 5
Doc 701
Document 697 sorted by total personal use value in billions based on transaction price.

Personal Use Sales and Values — 4
Doc 700
Shows data in Document 697 broken down by lost revenue due to discounting.

Personal Use Sales and Values — 3
Doc 699
Shows data in Document 697 broken down by Percent Discount from MSRP.

Personal Use Sales and Values — 2
Doc 698
Shows data in Document 697 broken down by share of personal use.

Personal Use Sales and Values
Doc 697
This is an impressive document showing every model vehicle sold in the U.S. in cy2002 breaking it down by personal use, both the MSRP and the transaction prices for each model, value of those vehicles to the auto industry and much more. Also shows the data by brand.

New Vehicle Sales by DMA
Doc 693
A look at 2001 and 2002 sales of new cars and trucks by Marketing Area for the entire U.S. THIS IS A CHECKING COPY WITH APPROXIMATE SALES BY DMA.

Special Sales Plans for Manufacturer Employees
Doc 691
Programs such as the “A” Plan and others account for about 3.5 percent of new-vehicle sales. These programs are aimed at employees and suppliers. For years 1990 to present.

SUV Sales by Segment
Doc 674
For cy2002 vs. 2001 we look at the four SUV segments and the changes in unit volume and share of total market.

Incentive Impact on Sales Share
Doc 672
Let’s assume for a second that an automaker could provide an incentive without its competitors responding immediately. What impact would that have on sales share? We look at potential share increases for Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler and Hyundai at various dollar amounts ($500, $750, $1,000, $1,250).

Fleet Sales Change
Doc 671
The final quarter of 2001 and 2002 showing the number of fleet sales and share of all sales.

Jag X Type Discounts
Doc 670
Here’s a look at the discounts that have been given to those who purchased an X Type. Shows growing discounts to prop up sales.

Car and Truck Based SUV Sales
Doc 668
A look at how the sales of car and truck based SUVs went in 2002 v 2001 and the change in both market share and year-to-year sales changes.

California Market and Tax Increases
Doc 667
California is undoubtedly the most important market in the country. What happens to new and use sales if proposed sales taxes are increased one full point and registration fees are returned to past levels.

Acquisition Rates by Brand
Doc 666
For every 100,000 sales, each brand requires a certain number of intenders. For Mercedes, the intender pool needs to be less than 150,000. For some other brands it can reach into the millions! Here is the historic data from 1997 through 2002 by brand showing both the percentage of initial intenders (those who originally said they planned to buy the brand) and the number of intenders needed to hit 100,000 sales.

EBay Used Sales Satisfaction
Doc 655
As the online used-car auction business heats up, how do people who have used EBay for their used vehicle purchase feel about the process? Would they do it again?

Annualized Sales Rates
Doc 652
Shows monthly breakdown for past two years. This document is not updated month. See Document 110m for monthly changes.

Key Market by DMA
Doc 645
CNW has long measured the potential for new-car sales by calculating the size of the “Key Market” — those capable, able and somewhat willing to make a new-car purchase or lease. Here is a breakdown of the Key Market by all U.S. marketing areas. Also shows the DMA’s average disposable income.

Used Sales by DMA
Doc 644
CNW’s DMA analysis shows the percentage of used sales through franchised new-car dealers, independent dealers and private party sales.

Vehicle Sales by Household, Key Market
Doc 631
Here’s one for anyone trying to figure out what the future of the new-car business is. Shows historical data for sales as a percentage of key market individuals, households, etc.

Car and Truck Share of Used Sales
Doc 630
Shows monthly data to October, 1996 breaking out car and truck (light duty) sales. Shows total used sales as well as sales by franchised dealers.

Recall Impact on Brand Sales
Doc 628
What happens to intentions to buy a brand if that brand has a recall? It depends on the reason for the recall.

What If Sales Collapsed?
Doc 622
Here’s the question: If auto sales sometime in the next couple of years drops to as low as 15.5 million units, what happens to the used-car market? We look at a number of different scenarios and the impact on franchised, independent and casual used sales.

Hispanic, African-American Sales by Model
Doc 616
Here is the by-model breakdown of sales to Hispanic and African-American new-car buyers. Shows corporate as well as market segment shares as well.

Personal Use Auto Sales by Channel
Doc 601
Online broker, offline broker, franchised dealer, online dealer, buying services — all are measured as the source of new vehicle sales for years 1995 through 2001. These are vehicles for personal use only eliminating business and fleet orders, contracts.

Women Staffing at Dealership
Doc 597
A look at the percentage of women who are in new sales, used sales, F&I management, service advisors and technicians. For years 1990, 1995, 2000, 2002 and current.

Relative Change in Personal Use Sales 2003 v 2002
Doc 592
A quick look at where auto sales for personal use (excluding business and fleet) will be by some important DMAs.

True Cash Sales
Doc 591
By month, since January of 2000, auto sales that were true cash sales excluding any payoffs made with funds from another loan (such as home equity).

Age of Vehicles Among Purchase Postponers
Doc 584
The age of vehicles that would be traded in by those who enter the buying process and elect to drop out before making an acquisition has gotten younger. Here’s data showing at least one reason why incentives are critical to new-vehicle sales levels.

Houston Sales Data
Doc 583
Here are used vehicle sales in the hot Houston market by month since June of 2000. Similar data is available for every DMA in the country. Fee will depend on size of DMA.

Canadian General Data
Doc 580
Shows transaction prices, total sales volumes, down payment, loan amount, average value of all loans, and other details similar to Document 270 for the U.S. Data is broken down by brand and car and truck.

New Vehicle Sales Through Auto Malls
Doc 577
Shows years 1985 through 2001. New and used sales made at auto malls.

Used Sales by Channel by State
Doc 574
Shows number of dealership by state, sales by quarter and other localized used vehicle data.

Quarterly Used Sales by Region and State
Doc 573
Shows national and regional differences of used-car sales by quarter for cy2001. Broken down by franchised, independent and private party (casual) channels. Also shows by-state within the region data.

Off Lease by Brand Details
Doc 570
Document shows sales, leases, retail leases, wholesale leases, retail leases held by captive finance company, wholesales leases held by captive finance company, average monthly turn-ins, percent retained by dealer, units purchased by customers, units remarketed, off lease projections for years 2002 through 2005 by brand, car/truck.

Basic Demographics New Vehicle Buyers
Doc 569
Male-Female, Hispanic, African-American, transaction price, average income, accumulated income of all people who purchased vehicles in that segment; HHI by income bracket; sales by age bracket; percent first time buyers within the segment; percent repeat buyers within the segment; average number of vehicles shopped. All data by market segment.

Closing Ratios Based on Attempts to Close
Doc 567
How many attempts to close a sales should a new-car salesperson make? The most successful number of attempts producing the highest closing ratio is…

Debt Load — 18 to 24 Year Olds
Doc 566
A treasure trove of information… Shows percent sales (new and used) to youth market; percent leased, financed, cash; source of financing (bank, credit union, captive finance co.) credit score; dollar values for each item.

Share of Sales by Age — 18 to 24 Year Olds
Doc 565
Companion to Document 398, this shows by decade the share of total new-vehicle sales made to 18 year olds, 19 year olds, etc.

Used Youth Market — 18 to 24 Year Olds
Doc 562
Market size, percent sales, average age of youth used-car buyers, percent male/female buyers; work history of youthful new-vehicle buyers; what drive by segment and country of origin; who makes payments; pay own insurance; average price paid; shopping history; use of internet.

New Youth Market — 18 to 24 Year Olds
Doc 561
Same as above except for new-vehicle sales. Note, this is also a companion to document 133 and 233.

Hispanic Sales by Model
Doc 555
This shows the percentage of each model’s sales (cy2001) sold to an Hispanic consumer. Data is sorted by market segment. Of all consumers, Hispanic buyers represent a bit over 13 percent, according to our most recent Native Language studies.

Lease Share by Month
Doc 548
Similar to Doc 176 but shows total leases, share total leases are of all sales, total leases as a share of personal-use vehicle sales, personal use share, etc. by month since 1994

Used Vehicle Sales by State — 2001
Doc 543
Shows the number of units sold, number of franchised and independent dealer, private party sales, average sales by outlet for calendar year 2001. See other docs for other years.

Personal Use Sales by Model
Doc 537
For cy2001, the number of personal use sales, average transaction prices, total personal use value for every model vehicle with sub-totals by brand and manufacturer.

Dealer Survey — Internet
Doc 530
How strongly do dealers believe that the internet will become increasingly important for their business? We ask how important it is today, sales’ staff’s effectiveness in responding to internet inquiries, who is responsible for I’ net responses, if automakers should spend more money on I’ net promotion/marketing. Compares Years 1995 through 2001. Most important: Their views on the eventual size of the Internet as a sales vehicle.

Intenders by Time Frame
Doc 527
In 2001, auto sales were about 17.25 million vehicles. How many shoppers did it take to reach that level? And what percentage of people who said they were going to buy actually dropped out a various points prior to acquisition?

Multiple Vehicle Considerations
Doc 525
When someone begins shopping for a new vehicle, the shopping list can be extensive. For example, if actual sales equal “100 percent”, multiple-vehicle considerations might be 120 percent. That is, for each vehicle purchased, 1.2 vehicles were considered. We are seeing a steady decline in the number of vehicles on the shopping list a month prior to actual acquisition. That might mean the shopping list is being narrowed earlier in the “shopping funnel” or for some brands, the desired vehicle is an emotional purchase based on the product’s styling or image.

Teleworking and Cars
Doc 523
With a growing percentage of consumers spending at least some time “telecommuting,” it is important to see how that might impact new vehicle sales. This document shows the total U.S. workforce, the number and percentage who spend at least two days per week working from home; personal-vehicle ownership and usage as a share of teleworkers and the percentage who bought a vehicle.

2002 Sales Forecasts
Doc 518
Through 2003, as in 2002, we will provide the actual sales forecasts by various analysts and industry executives. If you would like to add your forecast, send it to

Sales per Household — Forecast for 2003
Doc 514
Shows the number of households in the U.S., the size of the Key Market, the number of Key Households, total sales (new and used) and various projections based on these factors.

Vehicle Sales by Month — 1990-1994
Doc 494
Addition to Document 42 showing years 1990 through 1994 by-month sales.

Ford F-Series Sales / Intentions
Doc 483
Shows the F-Series Ford pickup share of sales along with the share of intentions. See document 455 for Ford Escape and Explorer sales and intentions shares.

Fleet Share of Sales
Doc 482
Begins in 1984 and shows business fleet sales of total car and truck sales.

Share of Sales by Month
Doc 479
Shows regional sales by month (seven year averages) for six regions plus national. Includes Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, Mountain and Midwest.

Luxury Car Sales of Total Sales
Doc 461
The Luxury car and Luxury SUV markets are reasonably stable in good economic and bad economic times. Here are sales of these two categories going back to the 1989. Also includes sales by income since 1989.

Sales to Hispanic Consumers
Doc 448
Shows new-vehicle sales by brand (car and truck) with share of total sales and share of buyers who are Hispanic. Units also shown.

New and Used Vehicle Sales since 1984
Doc 443
Data shows the many ways that used-vehicle sales can be calculated. Includes “All Transfers,” “Transfers with a Financial Exchange,” “Transactions with a Cash or Financed Exchange,” and “Number of Vehicles” transferred.

New vs. Used Sales by State
Doc 442
New sales by state in cy2000. Used “transfers” by state broken down by individual units transferred and number of transfers with a financial exchange. Includes New-to-Used ratios by state.

Sales by Finance Type — History
Doc 439
For the years 1998, 1999 and 2000, here are sales by finance type (cash, lease and financing) by brand (car and truck). Also see Document 755.

Personal Use Sales
Doc 438
A quarterly review of new-vehicle sales of cars and trucks that are for personal use including transaction prices and total value of the personal use sales. This is a companion document to Doc 413.

cy2001 Sales vs. cy1999
Doc 437
Calendar year 2000 was an astonishingly good year with 17.4 million sales. That, alone makes 2001 look paltry. But here’s a comparison with 1999, the industry’s current second best sales year in history.

Share of Annual Sales by Month
Doc 436
Over the past 12 years, January sales typically were 6.8 percent of the entire year’s total sales. This document shows the average by month with an extension showing a sales projection based on the monthly sales-share percentage times the month’s actual reported sales. Take a look.

Hispanic Market Growth
Doc 434
The percent of US population and percent of US New Vehicle Sales for the years 1995 through 2005 (projected).

Profits per Vehicle Type
Doc 428
Shows sales, profit per unit, industry wide profits by segment, sales by segment and profits by segment. Also see Document 266 for 1999 data and 1111 for more recent.

cy2000 Sales and Leases — Lease Volume Sort
Doc 426
For calendar year 2000, the by-model breakdown of total sales and leases.

cy2000 Sales and Leases — Segment Sort
Doc 425
For calendar year 2000, the by-model breakdown of total sales and leases.

Personal Use Sales Sort by ‘Total Personal Use Value’
Doc 422
Sort of Document 416 from high to low by make and model.

Personal Use Sales Sort by ‘Average Transaction Price’
Doc 421
Sort of Document 416 from high to low by make and model.

Personal Use Sales Sort by ‘Personal Share’
Doc 420
Sort of Document 416 from high to low by make and model.

Personal Use Sales Sort by ‘Personal Volume’
Doc 419
Sort of Document 416 from high to low by make and model.

First-Time New, Used Vehicle Buyers
Doc 418
Show new, used (from franchised), used (from independent) and used (from private party) sales and the percentage that went to first time buyers. Also includes the average age for the first-time buyers for each of these groupings.

Auto Industry Break Even
Doc 417
For years 1990 through current, the number of units the auto industry needed to sell in order to break even. Includes the number of sales in those years.

Personal Use Sales by Model
Doc 416
Companion to Document 413. Shows same data by model by brand. Very Important Document

Used vehicle sales by state — 2000
Doc 415
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales. NOTE: This is not the same as “transfers” which are always higher since many vehicles change hands multiple times per year. ALSO SEE 120-124.

Personal Use Sales by Brand
Doc 413
Document shows the calendar year 2000 total sales and breaks out the percent and unit volume that are “personal use” excluding business and fleet. Break out is by brand. Also shows percent personal, transaction price for personal and total value of those personal use sales.

Used Vehicle Sales by Race
Doc 412
Shows Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasian vs. the National used-vehicle volume, loyalty to dealership, loyalty to brand, lease percentages, cash, credit score and more.

New Vehicle Sales by Marriage, Income
Doc 404
Shows the percentage of Americans who buy a new vehicle based on age (25-35, 36-45, etc.) and marital status (single men, single women, married men 1 income household, etc.) for years 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2001.

Overall Satisfaction Scores
Doc 401
On a 10 point scale, here are the by-brand satisfaction scores for sales, F&I (among lessees and among finance customers), service and two points in vehicle ownership (six and 12 months as well as among finance customers and lease customers).

Number of Vehicles Purchased by Age Group
Doc 398
Shows years 1970 through 2001 and the percentage of new-vehicle sales that were purchased by age groups 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, etc. Also shows the actual number of vehicles purchased projected over the 10-year period.

Market Share
Doc 397
Shows historic Big 3, Asian and European sales and market shares for years 1992 through most recent plus a ten-year average.

Key Market Impact on Sales
Doc 388
Shows years from 1986 and the growth in population, percent of population that is the Key Market. Also breaks out new-vehicle intenders and sales as a share of that Key Market.

Has Alec Left Yet?
Doc 386
The election’s impact on purchase plans, specifically the Purchase Deferment Index. Shows that the election drama actually impact October-December sales dramatically by increasing the number of months people deferred a new-car acquisition. 3.1 is normal. This past election balloon PDI to a staggering 9.2.

New and Used Vehicle Sales — 1984 to 2003
Doc 383
A quick look at the total number of new and used sales by year.

Sales Per Outlet by Brand
Doc 382
October Data showing the number of cars and trucks sold by each dealership for all of the different brands. If this is interesting to you, please let us know and we will add to our “M” document list.

Commercial Vehicle Sales by Model
Doc 360
As reported by Automotive Fleet magazine, the by-segment breakdown of commercial vehicle sales including rentals and government.

Tax Cuts From Bush and Gore — Impact on Auto Sales
Doc 353
If the tax reductions proposed by Presidential candidates Bush and Gore were enacted, how would it impact auto sales? This shows the relative increases in sales if tax cuts take place. Also shows other industries such as the stock market, housing, travel, used car sales, etc.

US Medium-Heavy Duty Truck Sales
Doc 349
Broken down by Class 4, 6 and 8, the sales for the first nine months of 2000 and 1999.

Big 3 Originations — 1993 to 2003
Doc 341
Shows total sales, captive lease share, lease as percent of total sales, percent financed by the captive, percent cash and captive originations. Shows years 1993 through 2001 (projection).

Source of Used Vehicle Sales
Doc 324
Where do independent used-car dealers get their customers? Looks at classified ads, drive-bys, referrals for years 1997-2002. ALSO identifies what caused the buyer to stop and shop: Dealer Name signage, financing signage, banners, lighting, etc.

Actual vs. Reported Sales
Doc 311
Shows the difference by month for years 1999 and 2000 (through July) between what automakers report as their sales and the number of vehicles that are actually delivered. Includes total industry and a half dozen specific manufacturers.

Loyalty Based on Finance Type
Doc 303
Balloon note, lease, conventional finance and cash sales for years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Shows the percent of customers who return to the automotive division, automaker, dealership and finance company.

Used Dealerships: Size and Average Sales
Doc 275
Breaks down vehicle sales by size of dealership; average transaction price by dealership size; total value of sales; average used and new units and total units and value.

Sales, Values Historic Data on Auto Market
Doc 270
Historic and projected new and used sales, industry value, transaction prices, much more.

Amount of new and used contracts financed
Also on 270
Includes the amount of total U.S. vehicle sales that are financed, both dollar and vehicle-volume as well as percentage of value.

Profits Per Vehicle Type — 1999
Doc 266
Here are the profit-per-unit levels for each market segment (Budget cars, etc.) Industry-wide profits by segment ($), sales by segment and profits by segment (%).

Marketing costs by model segment
Doc 251
Shows the sales by market segments, share of total new-vehicle sales and the share each market segment received of total marketing expenditures. Shows changes in share vs. Marketing Expenditures vs. 1999.

Personal Use Repossessions
Doc 243
Shows the percent of sales that are repossessed for years 1985-Current for both new and used vehicles.

Small business new-vehicle sales
Doc 238
Here’s a summary of CNW M/R’s dealer survey looking at sales to small businesses. Questions include the percentage of sales to small business owners; business vs. personal use of those vehicles; loyalty of small-business owners to dealership vs. loyalty of general consumer; lease share.

Key Market Impact on Auto Sales
Doc 235
By looking at the size of the automotive key market, core market and percent of Wish List respondents who put a new vehicle on their purchase intentions list, it was clear that the auto industry would hit the magical 17 million units in the 2000. What’s in store for 2003 and beyond?

Teens and Used Vehicles
Doc 233
Market size, percent teen sales, average age of teen used-car buyers, percent male/female teen buyers; work history of teen new-vehicle buyers; what teens drive by segment and country of origin; who makes payments; pay own insurance; average price paid; shopping history; use of internet. New data on Document 133.

Cash Sales
Doc 227
Shows years 1972 through 2000 and the percent of sales that were for cash. Now includes financed as well as leasing shares. This includes cash sales that do not require repayment of any sort such as a home equity loan.

Retail used vehicle sales by age of vehicle
Doc 213
Shows total volume of used vehicle sales by age of the vehicle. Includes total volume, average price, total value, franchised volume, independent volume, etc.

Doc 211
Include source of financing, source of leasing, share of sales by outlet.

Minority summary
Doc 204
Share of total population certain minorities are; share of new-vehicle sales; percent of each minority who use sub-prime financing; are loyal to the brand; loyal to the dealership and other data.

Shoppers who became buyers — new, used
Doc 197
Of those people who visited a new-vehicle dealership and of those who shopped a used car outlet, the rate of sales to shoppers. Broken down by franchised dealership visitors who shop new and buy new, shop used and buy used, shop independent lots and buy, shop superstores and buy. Data is for years 1996-2000.

Transaction prices for cars, trucks (summary)
Doc 191
Shows car and truck sales and share of sales as well as MSRP for the average car and truck sold, percent manufacturer incentives, amount of incentives and adjusted transaction prices.

Sales vs. consumer confidence levels
Doc 188
An analysis of CNW data dating back to 1975 shows automobile sales ebb and flow in close step to confidence levels. Except in the past three years. This document shows actual sales for years 1994-2000 vs. sales adjusted to confidence levels and other factors.

Sales and Leases by Model for 1998
Doc 186
Each model from each automaker is listed showing both the sales and the personal use leases share. This document also includes the EXCLUSIVE CNW Marketing/Research data on first-time and repeat customer to the brand. For example, it shows that 48 percent of BMW buyers and lessees (combined) never owned a BMW before. This data is broken down by first-time (to the brand) lessees and non-lessees (cash and finance).

Historic Car and Light Truck lease share from 1984 through Projections
Doc 180
Breaks down total vehicle sales, retail car/truck deliveries, pure business (fleet) sales, personal use leases, pure consumer leases and other important data.

cy1998 sales sorted by highest-to-lowest volume
Doc 166
cy1998 sales sorted by highest-to-lowest volume

Spur of moment sales
Doc 161
The percentage of disposable income spent on “spur of moment” purchases for years 1984 through the first quarter of 2000 by price category.

Wish List 2001
Doc 160
A look at the responses of more than 192,000 consumers about their purchase intentions showing new vehicle sales stronger than they have been in a decade. Also see Document 177

Used vehicle leasing as a percentage of used car and truck sales
Doc 156
Shows leasing as a share of total used-vehicle sales from dealerships as well as actual and estimated used-lease volumes / sales for years 1991 through 2002.

Teenage drivers, car owners
Doc 133
Market size, percent teen sales, average age of teen new-car buyers, percent male/female teen buyers; work history of teen new-vehicle buyers; what teens drive by segment and country of origin; who makes payments; pay own insurance; average price paid; shopping history; use of internet.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1994
Doc 124
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1995
Doc 123
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1996
Doc 122
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales. NOTE: This is not the same as “transfers” which are always higher since many vehicles change hands multiple times per year.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1997
Doc 121
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales. NOTE: This is not the same as “transfers” which are always higher since many vehicles change hands multiple times per year.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1998
Doc 120
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales. NOTE: This is not the same as “transfers” which are always higher since many vehicles change hands multiple times per year.

Pay Raises and New Vehicle Purchases
Doc 114
Do pay raises and promotions generate new vehicle sales? A quick overview of the percentage of consumers who make a vehicle acquisition within six months of pay raises (by percentage increase in pay).

Used Vehicle Sales Costs
Doc 99
Cost per unit; average gross per unit; average net per unit; percent sales with trade; percent of inventory from auction; average finance and insurance income

Used Car v Truck Sales by State
Doc 96
The by-state breakout of car vs. truck sales including unit volumes and percentage.

Size of Franchised Dealer Market
Doc 92
Breaks down the total sales of franchised dealerships by new, used, service and warranty and finance departments.

Credit Card Usage for New-Vehicle Downpayment (See 196 for used)

Doc 88
The percentage of new-vehicle sales where a credit card is used for the downpayment. Includes years 1995-latest. This includes a break-down by segment, the percentage of men and women who have used a credit card in this manner and the average amount charged to the credit card.

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Unit Sales by Franchised, Independents and Size of Dealership
Doc 84
Average new and used vehicles per month sold, transaction prices, total value and other data based on the actual size of the dealership in units per month.

Transaction Prices by Model for Calendar Year 1998
Doc 82
By model, here are the unit sales, average transaction price, total value, share of total value and share of total units for calendar year 1998. This one breaks down the data by market segment such as Budget Car, Compact SUV, Full Size Pickups, etc.

Sales, Floor Traffic and Contract Signing by Day of Week
Doc 77
The percentage of new-vehicle sales by days of the week for the years 1980, 1985, 1990, 1994-2007. Now includes Floor Traffic and Contract signing.

Top 25 Best Cities for Internet Auto Sales
Doc 62
The highest rates of Internet auto shopping among those who eventually purchased a new vehicle can be found in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA. Among heavy Internet users, Anchorage ranked first.

How Big will Internet Auto Financing Get?
Doc 60
On line auto loans are set to boom. Here’s the projected growth rate from 1995 through a projected 2005. Document shows Retail (Personal Use) Sales, Total Loans, Percent Loans are of Total Sales, On Line Loans, Percent On Line Loans were of Total Loans, Average On Line Loan Amount, Total Value of On Line Loans and the Rate of Grow versus the previous year.

e-Mail Auto Info Request Delays — Lost Revenue
Doc 53
Here is an extrapolation of the costs associated with delaying a response to a new-vehicle shopper who e-mails an information request to a dealership. Includes losses in finance, new-vehicle margins, used-vehicle (trade) margin, aftermarket product sales.


Used Vehicles — Cash, Finance, Lease shares
Doc 43
Covers the past three years and shows the percentage of used vehicle sales that were paid for with cash, financed or leased. Broken down by 2-5 year old, 6-10 year old and over-10 year old vehicles.

Used vehicle sales by state — 1999
Doc 38
Data shows calendar year’s UNIT sales, number of dealers, sales per dealer and other data including casual sales, franchised and independent dealer sales. NOTE: This is not the same as “transfers” which are always higher since many vehicles change hands multiple times per year.

Used Car v Truck Sales by State — cy1999
Doc 37
The by-state breakout of car vs. truck sales including unit volumes and percentage.

Canadian New Vehicle Sales
Doc 28
Canadian new-vehicle sales levels by brand and by market segment.

cy1999 Leases Sorted by Retail Sales
Doc 24
Every model sold in 1999 is included and leases by model from high sales to lowest sales shows lease units and share.

cy1999 Sales and Leases Sorted by Domestic, Asian and European Brands
Doc 21
See document 24

cy1999 Sales and Leases Sorted by Market Segment (Budget cars, etc.)
Doc 20
See document 24

Home Equity Loans
Doc 13
Shows the number of units purchased with the use of funds from a home equity loan. Also shows the value of the vehicles purchased using a home equity loan. Compares the data with cash purchases and total industry sales.

Sales and Leases by Model
Doc 10
The complete master document for 2000, 1999 and 1998 showing each model for each company or division. Includes leases, sales and lease share.

Lease by Market Segment — Condensed
Doc 8
Shows leases and sales as well as lease share by market segment. The condensed version only shows the totals for the segment, not including the models that are included in those segments (see Document 20 for segment details).

Used Vehicle Sales by Age — 1999-2003
Doc 5
Sorted by age of vehicle and average price as well as showing total value by vehicle age of used car sales.

Used Vehicle Sales by Brand — 1999-2007
Doc 4
Shows used sales by the nameplate / brand as well as the share of used vehicle sales (percentages). Broken down by cars and trucks by nameplate.

Deterioration by Brand — 1997-2000
Doc 3
Measures the brands on new-vehicle shopper intender lists at the beginning of the new-vehicle search and eventual acquisition. Shows on a per-100k basis which indicates the number of people who need to put a  brand on their shopping list for each 100,000 eventual sales.

SUV Fleet Sales
Doc 1
The percentage of sport utility vehicles that are sold to fleets for years 1995-2000.