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Internet Used Vehicle Sales
Doc 118m
How important is the internet to used-car sales? Here are some hard numbers showing the number of vehicles offered on the I’ net and the share that are sold.

Social Media and Word of Mouth
Doc 1594
When someone hears about a used car for sale via “Word of Mouth” here are the percentages that learned of the vehicle via a social media site.


Buyer Deflection — Newspaper Links
Doc 1364
When newspapers (online versions) link to a third party site for classified ads, here’s what happens to the future searches. A damaging activity for newspaper ad traffic.


Newspaper Advertising — Print and Online
Doc 1304
Among consumers, the importance they place on newspaper advertising as a source of information about their next new-vehicle acquisition. Years 1996 through 2007. Note that the stages can be viewed as “months” prior to acquisition e.g. Stage 1 can be translated into Six Months Prior to Acquisition.


January-February Foul Weather Impact on Sales
Doc 1200
Bad weather has a major impact on new vehicle sales and specifically by region of the country. This past winter is a good example. What makes weather increasingly important, however, is the ability of consumers to put off a new-vehicle acquisition for months at a time because the quality is so much improved the replacement market has diminished dramatically. Also see Document 901. Document includes weather’s impact on New Vehicle Intentions, postponements, floor traffic, shifts in family budget and auto-related online shopping.


Two Party Financing
Doc 1177
Defined as between a customer and a financial institution excluding dealer, online financing, etc. by credit type (A, B, C, D) both direct and indirect.

Sales vs. Online Searches
Doc 1167
Comparing all searches on the internet for a vehicle against actual sales reveals a huge disconnect. Number one vehicle in sales: F Series Ford pickups; Number one searched vehicle, Prius which is only 50th in sales.

Sub-Prime New Vehicle Intenders vs. Non-Sub Intenders
Doc 1124
Here are the comparisons between sub and non-sub new-vehicle intenders that is further expanded on the site. Just the data and charts.

Internet: General and Automotive Searches
Doc 1085
Percentage, by age, of those who click beyond the opening page after search for auto and general information. Shows percent who say they “Always” or “Regularly” look beyond the the first page listings during a search.

Salespeople Speak Out on Each Product Sold in cy05
Doc 1069c
While we will be publishing a complete analysis of the data on, here are the spreadsheets showing what floor staffs think of the vehicles they sell. We break it into five categories: Value for the Dollar, Styling, Drivability, Corporate or Division marketing support and the overall Salability of the model. We’ve pre-sorted by many breaks. Interesting reading at worst. Critical info for marketers and brand managers.

Auto Repairs/Service Appointment Making
Doc 1067
What is the general preferred method of making an appointment for general repairs and/or maintenance of a vehicle. The choices: Phone, Postal Mail, Email, Stop at the facility (on the spot) or “other.” Broken down by age bracket 21-35 years old, 36-45 years old, 46-60 years old and 61 and older. We also break the info down by male-female and the likelihood of using an online appointment calendar. Included: Age-bracket attitude toward the response time that is appropriate for an email appointment schedule.

Online Auto Web Site Visitors
Doc 1039
More than 713,000 online automotive information hits at non-automaker sites shows how current brand owners request information on other brands.

Repeat Online Buyers
Doc 902
What percentage of consumer who buy a new vehicle online do so again at the next opportunity? Here’s the percentage of online buyers who purchased their next vehicle using the I’ net.

Internet Shoppers Who Call a Dealership
Doc 795
Do those who use the internet as their primary source of information on a new vehicle have a tendency to make an appointment at a dealership before going in? How about those who are casual internet users? Or don’t use the internet at all? And of those who make an appointment, how many actually buy a vehicle?

Hoodwinked On Line
Doc 787
Who really lies to online used-car shoppers? Franchised new-car dealers, independent dealers or private parties? We look at conditions and problems NOT REVEALED to buyers of vehicles. Breaks out overall vehicle condition and key flaws uncovered after purchase.

EBay Used Sales Satisfaction
Doc 655
As the online used-car auction business heats up, how do people who have used EBay for their used vehicle purchase feel about the process? Would they do it again?

Auto Loans On Line
Doc 607
Among those who research online auto loans, the percentage who actually take a loan on line vs. those who eventually borrow from another off-line source or don’t take out an auto loan at all. Also shows consumers’ preference for approval or other response from the online lender.

Personal Use Auto Sales by Channel
Doc 601
Online broker, offline broker, franchised dealer, online dealer, buying services — all are measured as the source of new vehicle sales for years 1995 through 2001. These are vehicles for personal use only eliminating business and fleet orders, contracts.

Internet Displacement of Other Media
Doc 575
Use of the internet has resulted in consumers shifting the sources of information about new vehicles. Here’s the way the displacement has shaken out over the past five years.

Internet-related Lease and Finance Follow-up
Doc 545
The impact of using an online “E-zine” to keep in touch with lease customers and the general attitudes about the likelihood this follow-up system has on loyalty to the dealer.

Preferred Internet Address Source
Doc 529
We wanted to know if advertising and marketing of an internet address on various media was effective or not. We asked for consumers’ preference in seeing an Internet address on TV, in print, on the web, getting it from a friend/relative/work associate.

Reason for Not Using Online Financing
Doc 389
Why there has been a deterioration in the number of people willing to finance their new vehicle on line. Includes those who had a firm online commitment but switched to an off line source.

Internet Defections
Doc 375
The percentage of consumers who are heavy web surfers (3 or more times per week, at least an hour per visit) for years 1997 through 2001.

Internet Median Age
Doc 374
Younger web users are abandoning the web at a rather fast clip. Here’s the median age of those who use the web at least 3 times per week.

Internet Users Willingness to Use On Line Financing
Doc 370
Against the baseline of 1999, here’s how the average consumer felt about going online to find financing for a new car or truck. The deterioration is significant.

Response Time — On Line Auto Info Request
Doc 361
The number of hours and days it takes for brokers, online dot-coms, auto dealers and auto companies to respond to on line information requests.

Follow Up and Closing Ratios Based on Leads
Doc 340
Shows online and offline sources of referrals and leads. Breaks it down by source. Also shows the closing ratios based on type of leads for both new and used vehicles.

Used Car Dealer with Web Sites
Doc 315
Percent of independent used-car dealers with an active web site. 1995-2002.

Referrals and Leads by Source
Doc 313
Where do referrals come from? Online, friends, relatives, business associates, etc. For years 1985, 1990, 1995-2000.

Internet Advertising Effectiveness
Doc 273
Money Trak survey shows 1998 through 2003. Shows the percentage of people who read banner ads, sponsorships, direct email, Pop-up windows and sponsored buttons. Also shows how annoying these are. Shows click through for each.

Internet Displacement of Other Media
Doc 252
Of those people who used the Internet as a source of new-vehicle information, this document shows the percentage who stopped using other means of collecting such information such as dealer brochures, local newspaper ads, etc.

Internet as the Primary Source of New Vehicle Information
Doc 89
It’s not what you heard. Here’s the actual data. Compares those with Internet access against the entire pool of new-vehicle buyers. Includes those who shop the Internet for years 1990 through a projected 2005.

Higher Prices for Internet Buying Services
Doc 50
Here is a comparison of the prices paid for new vehicles offered by public super stores, private mega-dealership chains, internet buying services and conventional dealerships for the years 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003. Includes comparative “baskets” of Sedans, Upper End Sedans, SUVs, Minivans and Pickups.

Web Site Visits
Doc 48
Of all people who visit an auto web site, the percentage who actually buy a vehicle regardless of the make within six months. Broken down by brand; car-truck; domestic, Asian and European makes.

Used Car Purchases — Business to Business
Doc 46
Excluding trade ins, what percentage of franchised and independent dealer used cars come from? This document shows the percentage, number of units, average price and value by franchised, independent, wholesalers, auctions, factory, online and other sources.

Internet — Business to Business Used Data
Doc 45
Preferences for buying used vehicle inventory over the Internet and the reasons franchised and independent dealers give for NOT wanting to purchase cars and trucks online. Covers calendar years 1997-99.

Web Sites
Doc 31
The number of dealers (new, used large, used medium and used small) who have an ACTIVE web site. Years 1996 through 1999 are covered.