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Floor Traffic Generators
Doc 1822
What generates floor traffic? Newspapers still top dog.

Newspapers and Objective Reporting of News
Doc 1414
For years 1990 through 2008, a look at how newspapers are perceived as a primary news sources and their objectivity.

Buyer Deflection — Newspaper Links
Doc 1364
When newspapers (online versions) link to a third party site for classified ads, here’s what happens to the future searches. A damaging activity for newspaper ad traffic.

Floor Traffic Generation by Medium
Doc 1198
For each automaker, here is the share of media (newspapers, spot TV, internet, etc.) responsible for moving a potential new- and used-vehicle shopper into the dealership. For example, of those people who visited a Ford dealership, 61 percent were motivated to visit a dealership on a specific day by a newspaper advertisement.

Time Spent Collecting New and Used Information
Doc 1189
For each 100 hours, the percentage that is spent gathering info at dealerships, reading newspapers, magazines, visiting manufacturer web sites, third party sites and dealer sites as well as visiting auto shows and watching TV.

Dealer Ad Spending
Doc 1080
A by-share look at where dealers put their ad money including newspapers, spot TV, internet and other locations.

Political Surveys
Doc 895
Ever wonder who gets asked the questions that wind up in virtually every newspaper, on every TV news show? Here’s a look at our own survey of folks who have been asked, refused to answer, had survey takers terminate the survey and other tidbits.

Whom do you trust?
Doc 834
Among major media, who is trusted to provide an balanced report on news of the day? Who has reporters or anchors with a noticeable bias? A quick look at the major media and what people think. Note, CNW studies have shown that a trusted news source promotes greater trust in the advertising.

Home Ownership Purchase Process
Doc 734
The primary source of information for Primary Residence during a real-estate shopping period. Includes TV, magazines, newspapers, real estate offices, etc. We look at the data over the seven stages of that shopping process.

Used Vehicles Information Sources
Doc 724
Where do consumers get information about the used vehicles they intend to buy? Business Associates, friends or relatives, newspapers, radio, TV and other information sources are measured for years 1999 through 2002.