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Return to Brand’s Dealership for Service
Doc 1821
By brand, the share of new-car buyers who return to the dealership for service at 15,000, 30,000 and 50,000 miles.

Deterioration of Purchase Intentions by Brand
Doc 1591
Production disruptions such as the Japanese earthquake results in delayed product availability. How long will a brand’s intender stick with the brand before looking elsewhere?

Brand Attitudes by Gender
Doc 1549
For multiple years including the first quarter of 2010, the share of men and women who have negative and positive and neutral attitudes toward various brands.

Toyota vs Others — Sales Index
Doc 1548
During the first quarter of 2010 when Toyota was at the height of its recall problems, a look at the share who dropped a Toyota model and where they went. Includes closing ratios.

Reaction to Toyota Recall Issues
Doc 1541
Daily tracking in the first quarter of 2010 and Q2 and Q3 average number of Toyota Intenders who said they would either delay or no longer consider a Toyota product.

Brand Affinity
Doc 1523
The three sources of loyalty from “Legacy” to “Repeat” to Multi-Car households comparing cy2009 with cy2001. By brand.

GM Marketing: What Changes Attitudes?
Doc 1501
This is a backup spreadsheet to the Focus Group Report in the May 22 2009 issue of Retail Automotive Summary. It shows the combination of ad messages that best converted GM skeptics to GM proponents.

Personal Service and Loyalty
Doc 1384
Rating the personal service abilities of various industries including fast food, auto and others. For years 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2007. And the loyalty to those businesses.

Profile of a Loyal Customer
Doc 1381
Defined as someone who buys two or more consecutive vehicles from the same dealership. What does this loyal customer look like? What does he or she expect?

Lease v Buy Loyalty to Manufacturer
Doc 1263
A comparison by nameplate of the share of owners who repurchase the same brand vehicle. Shows differences between those who lease and those who buy.

First New Vehicle — Loyalty to Brand Based on Previous Ownership
Doc 1173
What impact does owning a brand have on next vehicle purchased? And what if the family was a regular buyer of a particular brand? We look at “Family Owned” and “I owned (used)” data for years 1984 to present.

Loyalty to Selling Dealer’s Service Department
Doc 1107
The percentage of new-vehicle buyers who return to the selling dealership for light service. Covers years 1990 through 2005. Breakout is “All the Time,” “Some times,” “Rarely” and “Never.”

Loyalty to Dealership by Nationality
Doc 1106
A look at repeat business to dealerships by brand for the industry as a whole, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanic and Pacific Islanders. Comparative years include 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1995 and 1990.

Dealership Loyalty by Distance from Dealership
Doc 1071
What share of customers return to their new or used vehicle dealer for another vehicle? We look at the loyalty rate based on distance from the dealership including 10-25 miles, 26-50 miles, 51-100 miles and Over 100 miles. This has a major impact on the Internet dealers and the need to continue spending heavily on marketing to bring new customers to the dealership.

Used Vehicle Loyalty to Dealership
Doc 997
An overview of how often consumers return to a franchised dealer, independent dealer or private party seller for another used vehicle after purchasing one from that source. We break the data down by vehicle age. From 1995 to current.

Service Contracts and Loyalty to the Dealership
Doc 967
A look at the impact of having a service contract has on return visits to the selling dealership. Breaks down maintenance, repairs and purchase a new vehicle.

Premium SUV Shares
Doc 941
Since 2000, premium SUVs have increased their share of all sales, all intenders and loyalty among repeat buyers. Here’s the data through cy04.

GM Lock and Roll
Doc 936
What do new-vehicle intenders feel about the latest GM incentive? We ask more nearly 2,200 respondents if they would switch brand loyalty or change their shopping list because of Lock and Roll.

Lessee Return to Same Brand
Doc 792
Loyalty to a brand among lessees can be traced, in large part, to the difference in monthly payment between the old lease and a comparable vehicle under a new lease. Here’s CNW’s exclusive price-payment-lease term matrix showing the relationship by contract length.

Loyalty to a Dealership
Doc 728
Hispanic and African American vehicle owners are far more loyal to a dealership than others. Here’s a breakdown of dealer loyalty by brand, car and truck.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Recommendation / Loyalty
Doc 707
CNW develops a new measurement showing the impact of quality on t he likelihood of a customer recommending a brand to a friend, relative or even a stranger. We put it into an index showing each brand.

Long Term Finance Contracts
Doc 665
61-plus month finance contracts damage brand loyalty, increase delinquency rates and boost both voluntary and involuntary repossessions. Some basic data.

Service Loyalty Among New Vehicle Buyers
Doc 602
Of those who purchase a vehicle, the percentage who return during the first three years for light, non-warranty service. This excludes lessees. Annual since 1996.

Internet-related Lease and Finance Follow-up
Doc 545
The impact of using an online “E-zine” to keep in touch with lease customers and the general attitudes about the likelihood this follow-up system has on loyalty to the dealer.

Lincoln, Mercury Considerations
Doc 484
Consideration of the brands, share business fleet, loyalty to the brand. Yearly since 1990. Consideration is for 1980, 1990, 1995 and 2001 broken down by general population and those under 20 years of age.

Used Vehicle Sales by Race
Doc 412
Shows Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasian vs. the National used-vehicle volume, loyalty to dealership, loyalty to brand, lease percentages, cash, credit score and more.

Loyalty to Brand
Doc 400
A by-brand look at the percentage of new-vehicle buyers who are replacing a car or truck with the same brand vehicle for years 1998 to current. Companion to Document 06 (lessee loyalty to brand).

Importance of First-Vehicle Loyalty
Doc 385
What happens when a first-time used-car customer buys a particular brand? He or she is far more likely to buy that same brand once in the new-car market. Data breaks down GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and VW loyalty.

Loyalty Based on Vehicle’s Nationality
Doc 319
Of new-vehicle buyers who purchased or leased a vehicle from a specific nation or nationality during the first six months of 2000, the percentage who were replacing a vehicle of the same nationality. Includes the number of vehicles “up for grabs.”

Loyalty Based on Finance Type
Doc 303
Balloon note, lease, conventional finance and cash sales for years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Shows the percent of customers who return to the automotive division, automaker, dealership and finance company.

Lease Loyalty Based on Satisfaction Scores
Doc 300
If a customer is satisfied with a product, how loyal will he or she be to the dealer, automaker and finance company? Shown as a percentage of repeat lessees.

Lessee phone follow-up vs. loyalty to dealer
Doc 263
By nameplate, this document shows the percentage of lessees who recalled receiving a phone follow-up call from their dealer. Compares against the percentage of lessees who returned to the same dealer for next vehicle.

Small business new-vehicle sales
Doc 238
Here’s a summary of CNW M/R’s dealer survey looking at sales to small businesses. Questions include the percentage of sales to small business owners; business vs. personal use of those vehicles; loyalty of small-business owners to dealership vs. loyalty of general consumer; lease share.

Loyalty based on monthly payment
Doc 208
While originally done for leasing, this also holds true for financing. Shows the influence monthly payment of a new vehicle vs. payment on current vehicle has on loyalty to brand.

Loyalty coupons and their impact on floor traffic
Doc 206
Compares loyalty coupons’ effectiveness against leasing, rebates, low APR.

Sales personnel loyalty to dealership
Doc 126
Why do salespeople stay at their current dealership? Among those who have a high lease share of their sales, the reason is “repeat business.” Among those with a low lease share, the top reason is “high floor traffic.” For years 1993-2001.

Using the Internet for Lease Follow Up
Doc 59
Here are the graphs and charts related to lessees’ responses to questions about the Internet being the medium for automaker, dealer or finance company loyalty effort. See LTR/8 for companion analysis.

Loyalty Due to Service Department Usage
Doc 16
Loyalty to a dealership based on how frequently service department customers return to that service department. Includes the percentage who return for service on other vehicles, make new or used vehicle purchases, etc.

Loyalty Due to Use of Captive Finance Companies
Doc 15
Compares loyalty to an automotive company or division due to use of the captive finance arm vs. non-captives. Also compares industry average for leasing vs. financing (captive vs. non-captive). Includes years 1996-1999.

Lessee Loyalty to Company
Doc 6
Leases from all sources shows by brand the loyalty to the Division or single-division automaker for years 1998 to current.