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Incentives by month — 1990 to Present
Doc 101m
CNW’s exclusive monthly incentives report shows the complete picture. This document includes the average MSRP for the month, the average incentive from automakers as well as dealers, adjusted transaction prices and other data.

SUV Incentive Levels
Doc 1354
Truck-based SUVs have come under heavy incentive spending. Here’s a look at large, medium and small truck-based incentives from cy05 through most recent.

Incentives Impact on Used Sales by Dealers
Doc 1291
A quick comparison of Pontiac dealership and Honda dealership used-vehicle sales as a share of all Pontiac and Honda used sales (any source). It basically shows that there incentives have little if any impact on used sales volumes. Honda’s relatively low incentive levels on the new side, but dealer share of Honda used sales has increased. The opposite is true for Pontiac dealers where incentives where incentives have increased on new cars but dealer share of used Pontiac sales has declined.

Importance of Tax Incentives for Hybrid Buyers
Doc 1282
From 2001 through 2007, the importance of government-provided tax incentives in the purchase decision of acquiring a hybrid vehicle. Includes Prius, Accord, Civic, Camry, Lexus and Escape. 10-point scale.

Incentives by Month for Chrysler Group
Doc 1228
A look at Chrysler Group’s incentive levels broken down by Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge brands from January 2002 through May 2007.

Incentives by Month Index
Doc 1154
We put the incentive data into a 10-point and 100-point index with September ’95 being the base month. Here’s what incentives look like over the long haul.

Hybrid Tracking
Doc 1138
A look at June’s hybrid inventory, if dealers have particular models in stock, the days’ supply for each model, dealer discounts and manufacturer incentives.

Fleet Discounts Over and Above General Incentives
Doc 1070
Here’s a look at the discounts automakers and dealers provide to large, corporate, medium and small business fleets over and above the public incentives.

Reasons for Acquisition
Doc 1068
For the years 1980 through most recent, a look at the primary reason for making a new-vehicle acquisition including “Necessary,” “New Model,” “Incentives” and others.

Primary Reason for New-Vehicle Purchase
Doc 1057
This is based on the Primary Reason Among New-vehicle Buyers from 1990 through current and includes that the current vehicle needs replacement, new model is compelling, incentives, other.

Plan to Use Incentives to “Move Up”
Doc 932
The share of intenders who use their incentive dollars to move up to a higher content model We look at the October figures from 2000 through 2007 and monthly data from 2004 to current.

Motivations for Buying a New Vehicle
Doc 931
What motivates consumers to make an acquisition? Some of the choices include good deals or incentives, need to replace the current vehicle, change of jobs, etc. This is a spreadsheet companion to the PowerPoint presentation.

Luxury and Lexus Incentives
Doc 908
A look at total manufacturer incentives and the total luxury segment incentive levels. We’ve included Lexus as a point of reference. For a small computer fee we can provide similar data for other brands.

Primary Reasons for Buying a New Vehicle
Doc 906
Providing only Price/Incentives, Styling and Fuel Economy as the choices, how do consumers rate the importance in making a new-vehicle selection. We look at each pickup and SUV segment.

Per-Vehicle True Incentive Levels
Doc 887
What is the bottom-line cost of incentives to manufacturer profits? Actually, the profit damage has decreased over the past three years. Here’s how and why.

Incentive History by Year
Doc 865
From 1996 through 2003: MSRP, percent discount, total discount in dollars, manufacturer share of total discounts (incentives) and the dollar amount for manufacturer incentives. Also shows the average transaction price after all discounts.

Discounts and Incentives Impact on Resale Values
Doc 852
The nerdy look continues with a sort by market segment.

Discounts and Incentives Impact on Resale Values
Doc 851
A nerdy look at the prospects for current models to hold their resale value over the coming years. Uses a 10-point Index Scale. Shows directional indication that incentives have on resale values.

European Incentives and Vehicle Condition
Doc 837
A look at the incentive threshold (amount consumers expect in terms of discounts) for years 2003 vs. 1998 and the need for the old vehicle to be replaced (same years). We also look at the perception of Japanese product quality and consideration of levels for buying a Japanese car or truck. Compares to U.S. data.

Big Three Incentives
Doc 738
We look at incentives on a monthly basis, but one of the often asked questions is about the “Big Three” dollar amount. For years 1995 through 2003 (mid year), the data.

Discount Expectations
Doc 708
A companion to Document 516, this shows the historic customer expectation for new-vehicle incentives and discount from MSRP.

Used Vehicle Inventory Stock
Doc 658
What impacts franchised and independent dealer decisions on how many vehicles to stock in their used-vehicle inventory? Used-vehicles in stock can be impacted by new-car incentives, volatile local prices and simply a poor selection of trade ins.

Incentives — Asian v Big 3
Doc 624
The different levels of incentives for domestic (Big 3) and Asian brands since 1996 shows a growing gap in the amount being given to customers.

Age of Vehicles Among Purchase Postponers
Doc 584
The age of vehicles that would be traded in by those who enter the buying process and elect to drop out before making an acquisition has gotten younger. Here’s data showing at least one reason why incentives are critical to new-vehicle sales levels.

Incentive Effectiveness
Doc 533
How effective are various types of incentives and what impact do those incentives have on on closing ratios? Shows annual comparisons.

Incentives by Dealer, Manufacturer
Doc 515
By month for years 2000 through 2002, the MSRP, Dollar Incentives, Manufacturer Share in dollars and percentage and the actual Transaction Prices for vehicles sold.

Reasons for Buying a Specific Vehicle
Doc 468
Comparing 1990 with 2002, we look at the various reasons people give for selecting a particular make and model ranging from Brand Reputation to Value; from Youth Image to Incentives.

Lease Maintenance Incentives
Doc 450
Would a customer use a dealership’s service department for regular maintenance if certain discounts are offered. (Addition to Document 95.)

Incentives by Segment
Doc 433
Shows the average MSRP, Average Discount in dollars and as a percentage of MSRP, Average Transaction Price (dollars and percentage) and the average percentage of the incentives paid for by the manufacturer.

Defections from Leasing as Payment Gap Closes with Financing
Doc 384
As lease residual values rise, lease payments increase. As finance and other incentives climb, financing payments decline. What happens when the gap closes between the two? About a quarter will move from lease to finance.

Light Emission Vehicles
Doc 352
Document shows a breakdown of the incentives offered by state for owning a light-emission vehicle. Includes appropriate web addresses.

Canadian New-Vehicle Market Data — Various
Doc 326
Why Canadians come into the new-vehicle market AND the reasons that they left the new-vehicle market. Compares against U.S. Also shows the number of vehicles on Canadian and U.S. shopping lists, amount of incentives and affordability.

Incentive Distribution
Doc 307
This document shows years 1990 through most recent and how direct and indirect incentives dollars were spent. Various incentive types are listed ranging from rebates to low APR, from one-payment leases to delayed floor planning.

Incentive Summary by Calendar Year
Doc 225
An adjunct to Document 101m showing the annual MSRP, total percent incentives, total dollar incentives per model, manufacturer incentive share and dealer incentive share. Also includes Transaction Price. Years 1970-2005.

Transaction prices for cars, trucks (summary)
Doc 191
Shows car and truck sales and share of sales as well as MSRP for the average car and truck sold, percent manufacturer incentives, amount of incentives and adjusted transaction prices.

Discount from MSRP
Doc 116
The percent of MSRP customers are paying for vehicles (by market segment). Data includes both dealer and manufacturer incentives.

Midsize Nameplate Transaction Prices
Doc 63
What the average MSRP and average Transaction prices were in January-May of this year and all of 1998 for 13 intermediate or mid-range vehicles including GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Honda and Toyota models. Shows the dollar incentives from the manufacturer and percentage of manufacturer incentives.


Dealer-Manufacturer Incentives for Select Light Trucks
Doc 54
The growth of incentives as a share of MSRP from November 1996 through November 1999 for 10 high-volume SUVs and pickups.