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VW Beetle Demographics
Doc 1584
A quick look at the average age, income, lifestyle of VW Beetle owners.

Aspiration to Brands by Age
Doc 1582
At what age do consumers aspire to own certain brands — even if they can’t afford to buy? Compares cy10 with cy05.

Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt — Probable Demographics
Doc 1574
Based on interest and intentions, the age, gender, marital status, HHI of likely buyers.

Brand Attitudes by Gender
Doc 1549
For multiple years including the first quarter of 2010, the share of men and women who have negative and positive and neutral attitudes toward various brands.

Practicality of Downsizing to Smaller Vehicle
Doc 1499
We asked consumers if they could downsize to a smaller vehicle based on their transportations needs.

Cash for Clunkers by Race
Doc 1493c
C4C demographic profile including Black, Hispanic, Asian, White and gender.

Three Wheel Motorcycles (Trikes)
Doc 1335
Here a look at the volume, median age, household income and other demographics related to the three-wheeled motorcycle market.

Number of Dealerships Shopped Before Acquisition
Doc 1326
By brand, car and truck, the number of dealerships shopped including a national average and by four select DMAs (Austin, Dayton, West Palm and Atlanta.

Hybrid Vehicle — Private Personal Use Demographics
Doc 1300
For years 2003 through 2007, a look at the basic demographic profile of hybrid owners of Toyota, Honda and a break out for Prius vs. the general U.S. new-car demo.

New-Vehicle Cash Buyers
Doc 1261
Comparing 1995 with most recent, a look at the primary source of funds to buy a used vehicle among those who paid cash for that car or truck. Demographics included.

Basic Used Vehicle Demographics
Doc 1260
The age, income, college and other demographics of those buying 3, 4 or 5 year old used vehicles. Also shows vehicles intended for the use of a male or female child.

Small Car Family Fleet — How Small Cars are Used and Demographics
Doc 1240
Of those Americans who have a new small or budget car, here’s the share who use it as a primary vehicle, the number of vehicles in the household, the average annual mileage, age of primary driver, male/female as primary driver and the share of MAXIMUM POSSIBLE MSRP that was paid for the small/budget car.

NY DMA Snapshot
Doc 1205
Top sellers, popular colors and number of vehicles in the household, plus more.

Chicago DMA Snapshot
Doc 1195
Most popular nameplates, most popular colors, number of vehicles in household, number of drivers, number of licenses and number of unlicensed drivers. 2000-2006.

Detroit DMA Snapshot
Doc 1185
Most popular nameplates, most popular colors, number of vehicles in household, number of drivers, number of licenses and number of unlicensed drivers. 2000-2006.

Silverado “Our Country” Ad
Doc 1176
How did consumers react the unusual Silverado ad? Here’s a look at the scores on a 10-point scale for each of the images in the commercial broken down by men, women and the targeted Silverado demographic.

Lessee Demographics (Basic)
Doc 1010
Age, income and gender information about the typical lessee from 1990 through current. INCLUDES average income in both nominal and inflation adjusted dollars.

Actual vs. Anticipated Age of Primary Drivers
Doc 963
Wow. Here’s a unique look at age demographics for each vehicle sold in 2004. Shows anticipated age of buyers when the vehicle was introduced or when a new version was announced; the actual age of the buyers; percent difference and the actual age of the buyer which can be translated into a father buying a new vehicle for his daughter, etc.

Convertible Intenders and Buyers
Doc 897
A wealth of information about the convertible intenders and buyers. First, the share of people who plan to buy a drop-top. Incentive levels for convertibles vs. the industry as a whole, previous convertible ownership, frequency of putting the top down and basic demographics. cy2000 through most recent.

Two v Four Door Pickups
Doc 766
In the pickup truck market, there is a distinct difference between the four and two door models’ buyers. Shows demographics, usage, share 2wd/4wd.

Minivan Demographics
Doc 748
A detailed look at gender, income, education, race and age of those who purchased a minivan over the past 10 years or so. Includes average transaction price.

Convertible Buyers’ Demographics
Doc 730
A simple set of demographics for luxury and non-luxury convertible buyers.

First Time New and Used Vehicle Buyers
Doc 687
What are the demographics of the people who buy a new or used vehicle for the first time? These are folks who make a vehicle acquisition for a vehicle they plan to drive themselves and excludes vehicles bought by someone such as a parent.

Finance and Insurance (F&I) Demographics
Doc 686
A demographic look at the people who purchase various aftermarket products such as extended warranties, credit life and disability insurance for years 2000 and 2002.

CarMax Demographics
Doc 659
An addition to other CarMax documents (503 and 507) this one shows the demographics of those who purchased vehicles at this used-car superstore.

All New Mustang
Doc 649
How will the all-new Mustang change the face of the buyers of this pony car? The retro look plays well with men. Could shift the buyer demographic toward a male audience.

Basic Demographics — Used Car Buyers and Shoppers
Doc 637
Shows male-female, ethnicity, income breakdowns and other information by market segment such as Budget Car, Luxury Sport Utility, etc.
Important Note: Data based on actual number of vehicles sold and average over 5 years. Also, other documents use “transactions with a financial exchange” or “all vehicle transfers” regardless of a financial exchange. These both show larger overall volume that this document. For further explanations, please email us.

Basic Demographics New Vehicle Buyers
Doc 569
Male-Female, Hispanic, African-American, transaction price, average income, accumulated income of all people who purchased vehicles in that segment; HHI by income bracket; sales by age bracket; percent first time buyers within the segment; percent repeat buyers within the segment; average number of vehicles shopped. All data by market segment.

Porsche Buyers
Doc 509
Among those who purchased a Porsche, their Wish List, basic demographics, Focus by Time Period (needs, models available, etc.), Primary Source of Automotive Information, and consideration of a Porsche SUV.

Hybrid Vehicles — Private Personal Use
Doc 481
Toyota and Honda hybrid vehicle demographics compared against general U.S. auto demos.

Import v Domestic Truck Demographics
Doc 430
Shows age, gender, income and other quick data on the differences between import and domestic light-duty truck buyers.

PT Cruiser Buyers
Doc 405
Some basic demographic information and reasons for buying this specialty vehicle.

Basic Lessee Demographics
Doc 312
Compares new and used lessees.

Internet buyers — demographics
Doc 245
A quick breakdown of nearly 16,000 new-vehicle and 9,100 used-vehicle respondents who said they shopped the Internet for either a new or 1 to 3 year old used vehicle. Breaks down male-female, number of automaker sites visited, average number of hits per site, total automaker hits, time spent on

Demographics and psychographics of SUV buyers, intenders
Doc 219
Percentage of large and small SUV drivers who own stock, median age, serious consideration of used vehicle, own a vacation home, and 20-plus other points of interest about SUV drivers. Includes a comparison with owners and intenders of all vehicles. Shaded area shows the percentage of disposable income used for buying goods/services that can be classified as “needs” “enhancements” (things making life easier such as a microwave oven) and “embellishments” (pure luxuries).

MSRP Affordability Index among demographic groups
Doc 179
This document shows how the concern over affordability of new vehicles has changed since 1985. And how it has reversed course since automakers have begun holding prices.

Used Vehicle Leasing by Type of Vehicle Leased
Doc 157
Used vehicle leasing demographics, use of vehicle, segment of vehicle leased for years 1991 through a projected 2002.

Used Car Demographics and Importance of Certain Features in Vehicle Choice
Doc 154
Shows the share of men / women, median age, percent college, vehicle usage (primary, secondary in family), payment threshold (monthly) willing to spend on a used vehicle, the maximum length of contract and the maximum debt load the intender is planning.