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Certified Pre Owned (C.P.O.)

Certified Pre Owned 
Doc 151m
Monthly CPO sales, broken out by manufacturer.

Non Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned
Doc 1905
Non-Manufacturer CPO Turn Rate

Dealer Certified Pre-Owned
Doc 1358
Shows the DCPO Premium consumers are willing to pay, turnover on the lot and compares turnover to same-vehicle non-certified.

Certified Pre-Owned: New Intenders Who Convert to CPO
Doc 1323
A look at those new-car shoppers who eventually decide to buy a manufacturer certified used car instead. From 2003 to most recent.

How Important are Used Vehicle Warranties?
Doc 1145
We asked “Would the lack of a warranty keep you from buying a vehicle you wanted?” Excluding certified used-vehicle customers, here are the responses.

Who Buys Another Vehicle?
Doc 950
Among New, Certified, Used buyers, the percentage who return for another vehicle.

Certified Used Vehicle Sales 
Doc 797
Here are some data on certified used-vehicle sales by manufacturer. Cy2000 through 2003

Image Hurt by Driving Used Car
Doc 662
For years we have asked new and used intenders if driving a used car would somehow hurt their image among friends, relatives and coworkers. The latest numbers seem to indicate that a growing number of certified used vehicles is reducing the negative impact of driving a used, rather than new, vehicle.

Certified Vehicle Repair Index
Doc 654
How much less expensive is a certified vehicle’s repair record vs. same vehicles that are not certified? A unique index compares certified vs. non-certified by brands.

Premiums for Certified Used Vehicles
Doc 463
Shows dollar premium certified used car buyers paid for their vehicle. NOW SHOWS comparison in percentage terms against similar cars that are not certified and the selling price of those vehicles. 1997 through current.

Manufacturer Certified Used Vehicles
Doc 458
Here’s the latest on the number of units certified by Domestic, Asian and European automakers; by market segment; for the years 1997 through 2002.

Certified Used Vehicles
Doc 331
Certified advertising spending index; share of certified that are domestic, Asian and/or European; number of certified units sold and other quick tidbits.

Consumer rejection of daily-rental used cars
Doc 192
Consumers who are in the market for a used vehicle say they do not want and will not consider a vehicle that was a daily rental unit. They prefer certified used vehicles, off lease, financed and repos before considering rental.

Certified used vehicles — consideration
Doc 130
Percentage of shoppers looking for specific age vehicles (two to seven years old) who say they would consider a certified used vehicle, even at a premium price.

Certified Used Vehicles: Reasons for Selecting, Which is Most Important
Doc 86
Shows the primary and all reasons for selecting a certified used car among intenders as well as eventual buyers. Also shows the Purchase Path for 1 to 4 year old used vehicle (certified) buyers and if they considered a new vehicle or not.