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Do Earnings / Profit Reports Help Brand Image
Doc 1826
Do corporate earnings and profit statements impact your choice of auto brand to consider?


Roadside Assistance Impact
Doc 1808
Impact of Roadside Assistance Warranties and the use of RSAs by buyers.


18-30 Year Olds: New Vehicle Intenders
Doc 1579
Consideration of an Import or Detroit Product. From 1995 through current.


Brand Consideration by Average Age
Doc 1578
For years 2000 through 2010, the percentage and age of those who would consider a Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and VW product.

Consideration of a Ford Product
Doc 1551
Among new-vehicle intenders the share who would consider a Ford product from 2001.


GM 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Doc 1520
By comparing the monthly consideration of GM products from January onward, how the 60-Day money back program affected new-vehicle intenders. Also looks at GM’s position on new-car shopping lists, import considerations and owner score of vehicle.


Ford Flex
Doc 1519
A quick look at consideration, import intenders, after-purchase satisfaction.


Consideration of Detroit 3 Products — California Market
Doc 1510
For years 1980 through present, how new-car intenders in California consider Detroit vehicles. Measures Top 3 on shopping list.

Electric Vehicle Consideration
Doc 1508
From 1996 through current, the consideration of buying an electric road-worthy vehicle such as the Volt. Broken down by those who are “environmentally concerned) and general new-vehicle intenders.


Pre-paid Maintenance Agreements — Consideration
Doc 1506
What would make consumers be more inclined to buy a pre-paid maintenance program ranging from non discount on parts to 20 percent discount.


What’s in a Name?
Doc 1503
Fiat-Chrysler will likely generate more consideration among new-vehicle intenders than just Chrysler. A fun survey broken down by age group.


Consideration of Chinese Vehicles by Age Group
Doc 1491
Comparison with Euro Ford, Euro Renault and U.S. GM truck.


Intentions and Considerations by Brand, Cars and Trucks
Doc 1467
By comparing full-year 2008 market share and the January-February new-vehicle intenders shopping lists, we can get a general idea of which brands will be strong and which will be weak after the economy begins to rebound.


Bail Out Impact on Detroit 3 Consideration
Doc 1437
Filing for bankruptcy when combined with a government bailout has less of an impact on GM, Ford or Chrysler intentions than without a bailout.


Jeep, Chrysler, Honda Attributes
Doc 1428
What if Chrysler changed its name to Jeep? Here are the results of a CNW survey about the quality, trust and consideration for Jeep, Chrysler and Honda brands.


Consideration of Hybrid v Diesel
Doc 1372
A monthly look at the number of new-vehicle intenders who say they would consider a hybrid or a diesel and the percent difference. Jan. ’06 to June ’08.


LA Auto Show Focus Groups
Doc 1308
A summary of the why visitors attended the Los Angeles Auto Show, vehicles they would consider buying, “green” considerations.


Repurchase Considerations After Three Years of Ownership
Doc 1284
Three years after buying a new vehicle, how likely do they say they are to replace that vehicle with another from the same source? We look at vehicles purchased in 1990 through 2004 and show the percentages three years later of those who say “definitely”, “probably”, “not likely” and “never again”. Broken down by Detroit 3, Toyota-Honda-Nissan combined.


Consideration of “Green” Products
Doc 1238
We asked American about their consideration of a green product; if they would pay a premium for it; if they’ve bought a green product at a premium during the past three months. From 1996 to current.


Advertising Tag Line Recognition
Doc 1234
We look at Nissan 2.0, Silverado My Country, Chevrolet American Revolution, and the average for Big Six Brands. We ask men and women if they recognize the tag lines (unaided), correctly identified the brand, consideration of the brand before and after seeing the advertisements.


Are Billboards Dead?
Doc 1220
A look at how consumers respond to both static and electronic billboards. Data shows the share of new-vehicle intenders who say a billboard initiated consideration of a brand, consideration of a dealer, encouraged consideration of brand or dealer.


Captains Chairs as Second Row Seats
Doc 1199
Between October of 06 and the end of January 07, the importance of captains chairs and second row seats to singles, couples with 1 to 4 or more children. We look at the pre-purchase consideration as well as a rating of importance.


Diesel Considerations
Doc 1174
Unheralded, but increasingly considered, the diesel engine in passenger cars and light trucks has reached a point where it is being considered by as many consumers as dual-mode hybrids.


Consideration and Purchase of GM and Toyota Brands
Doc 1158
For years 2004-2006, the percent of new-vehicle shoppers who but a GM and Toyota brand on their shopping list and the percent who actually buy that brand.


Corporate Advertising Impact on Consideration
Doc 1143
Before and after viewing Detroit 3 Corporate advertising, the shift in consideration of vehicles produced by those companies. Includes “Then and Now 1”, “Then and Now 2, “Bill Ford,” “Bold Moves” and “Dr. Z.” Through July ’06.
Also measures the positive impact of “German Engineering.”


Convertible Considerations
Doc 1117
Here are the percentage of new-vehicle shoppers who say they would consider a convertible. For years 1980 through most current.

GM Then and Now Ads’ Impact on Consideration
Doc 1113
The blockbuster GM “Then and Now” ads hit a chord, but did GM notice the impact? We look at intenders (men and women) to competing brands who are actively shopping for a new vehicle. These folks say they would consider a GM product.


Used Model Considerations — 18-24 Year Olds
Doc 1101
The models that young consumers say they would consider buying among those who are in the market for a used car or truck. Compares Q1 ’06 with Q1 ’05. Includes percent change between those two quarters.


Import Considerations
Doc 1078
Here’s the 10-year historic look at the percentage of people who say they would NEVER consider an import vehicle. Percentages are based on new-vehicle intenders who are within 6 months of buying a new car or light truck.


Consideration of Hybrid Vehicles 
Doc 1034
The share of new-vehicle intenders who say they would consider buying a hybrid vehicle and the premium they would be willing to pay for that vehicle. Historic to current.


Heart of Texas
Doc 981
The interest in and consideration of Japanese pickup trucks in the land of Big Three pickups. From cy2000 to most recent.


Consideration of Chinese-built Vehicles
Doc 975
The Excel workbook behind the Chinese-vehicle presentation on Shows interest in buying a Chinese-built vehicle by market segment and at various quality


Brand Deterioration / Consideration
Doc 942
Of those people who initially put a particular brand’s product on their new-vehicle shopping list, this doc shows the percentage who actually purchase that brand. It shows the number of intenders needed for each “100,000 sales.” 1997-2004 covered.


Time from Consideration to Purchase
Doc 937
A by-brand look at how long it takes consumers to buy a vehicle after initially considering such a purchase. Also shows top and bottom five, based on percentage change ’03 v ’04.


Ford Escape Hybrid Focus Group
Doc 875
Before and after viewing information supplied online by Ford Motor Co. about its Hybrid Escape, this 312-person focus group (three cities) were won over to consideration of hybrid vehicles. We show consideration, anticipated price points, anticipated premium over gas only engines and the primary reasons for even considering a hybrid. (Conducted in May.)


European Incentives and Vehicle Condition
Doc 837
A look at the incentive threshold (amount consumers expect in terms of discounts) for years 2003 vs. 1998 and the need for the old vehicle to be replaced (same years). We also look at the perception of Japanese product quality and consideration of levels for buying a Japanese car or truck. Compares to U.S. data.


Full Size Pickup Truck Buyers
Doc 800
This one’s a goodie for anyone trying to understand the current pickup truck market. We look at the attributes important to the various types of pickup buyers. How important is a diesel engine? Consideration of a Toyota or Nissan by pickup-owner group. What share of pickup use is purely business? What share is personal? Again by group.


To Diesel or Not to Diesel
Doc 782
How much consideration would American consumers give to a diesel option? We look at two key components in that matrix. First, various price premiums and, second, the likely increase in fuel economy. Net: Not much interest as a fuel economy alternative.


Personality Branding of New Vehicles
Doc 743
In a showdown between Carroll Shelby and Pamela Anderson as a new-model variant, who would win the draw? In part it depends on the age of the potential customer. Here are 11 personalities and the impact they would have on consideration of a model.

Segment Considerations
Doc 608
This document shows the number of market segments consumers have on their shopping list during the purchase process at various months prior to acquisition.


Multiple Vehicle Considerations
Doc 525
When someone begins shopping for a new vehicle, the shopping list can be extensive. For example, if actual sales equal “100 percent”, multiple-vehicle considerations might be 120 percent. That is, for each vehicle purchased, 1.2 vehicles were considered. We are seeing a steady decline in the number of vehicles on the shopping list a month prior to actual acquisition. That might mean the shopping list is being narrowed earlier in the “shopping funnel” or for some brands, the desired vehicle is an emotional purchase based on the product’s styling or image.


Porsche Buyers
Doc 509
Among those who purchased a Porsche, their Wish List, basic demographics, Focus by Time Period (needs, models available, etc.), Primary Source of Automotive Information, and consideration of a Porsche SUV.


Pontiac Awareness / Consideration
Doc 505
What impact has Pontiac’s new advertising had on consideration of the brand? We track it from January through the middle of November and find that…


Lincoln, Mercury Considerations
Doc 484
Consideration of the brands, share business fleet, loyalty to the brand. Yearly since 1990.  Consideration is for 1980, 1990, 1995 and 2001 broken down by general population and those under 20 years of age.


Consideration of General Motors Products
Doc 467
Perhaps the market share doesn’t show it, but GM has been making inroads into consumer shopping lists. Considerations are way up since 1995. Remember, though, being considered is only the first step and doesn’t mean a consumer will buy. Important point: GM is losing ground with the under-20 year old crowd.


Lease Consideration
Doc 333
The percentage of consumers who are aware and would consider leasing a new vehicle. Shows various comparative percentages for years 1995-2000.


Consideration of a Brand New or Redesigned Model
Doc 317
Document shows how many buyers and lessees say they would be willing to consider a totally redesigned or all-new model. Broken down by those who are budget, small car, minivan, etc. intenders.

Consideration of a Vehicle by Nationality
Doc 316
The percentage of Americans who say they are willing to buy a “foreign car” including Korean, Italian, French, Japanese, British, Swedish, German, Big 3.

Demographics and psychographics of SUV buyers, intenders
Doc 219
Percentage of large and small SUV drivers who own stock, median age, serious consideration of used vehicle, own a vacation home, and 20-plus other points of interest about SUV drivers. Includes a comparison with owners and intenders of all vehicles. Shaded area shows the percentage of disposable income used for buying goods/services that can be classified as “needs” “enhancements” (things making life easier such as a microwave oven) and “embellishments”

Leasing by credit union members
Doc 217
Shows the percentage of credit unions offering leasing; awareness and consideration of leasing by credit union members; percentage of credit union lessees who are first-time vs. repeat lease customers. 1990-2000.

Awareness-consideration of leasing (new and used)
Doc 207
The awareness of used-vehicle leasing impacts the success of used-car leasing programs (see document 210). Awareness among consumers that a used vehicle can be leased, however, remains extremely low, holding back growth.

Certified used vehicles — consideration
Doc 130
Percentage of shoppers looking for specific age vehicles (two to seven years old) who say they would consider a certified used vehicle, even at a premium price.

New Car Shopper Focus by Time Period
Doc 69
In the process of buying a new vehicle, each customer looks at five distinctly different areas: Personal/Family Needs, Available Models, Styling (or “Style”), Features and Price. Over the entire shopping process — from the time a consumer first considers buying a new vehicle until actual acquisition — he or she goes through SEVEN Stages. These tables, broken down by brand such as “BMW,” show the importance of the different consideration issues (Needs, etc.) at each of those stages. Based on a five-point scale.

Luxury and Near Luxury Buyer Consideration
Doc 58
Among those who eventually acquired a luxury or near luxury nameplate (select models), here are the percentages who considered other brands. Also shows the creditworthiness of those who bought or leased nearly 30 models. Document includes the percentage of buyers/lessees who previously had the same brand vehicle; the satisfaction with various models by both first-time and repeat customers to those models.


Brand Consideration of New Intenders — Broad View
Doc 11
The broad view survey shows on a 10-point scale the brands being considered by new-vehicle intenders. Document includes GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda.