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Cash for Clunkers

Cash for Clunkers — Repossessions / Delayed Payments
Doc 1536
Shows Prime, Near Prime and Sub Prime for Clunker and Non-Clunker auto buyers.

C4C Summary
Doc 1515
From units to average retail price, downpayment to average retail price plus more.

C4C Impact on Purchase of Other Durable Goods
Doc 1513
Where was cash diverted from in order to take advantage of cash for clunkers?

Clunker Wrap Up
Doc 1511
Of those who took advantage of C4C, what were they originally intending to do with the vehicle — trade it, scrap it or sell it?

Cash for Clunkers by Race
Doc 1493c
C4C demographic profile including Black, Hispanic, Asian, White and gender.

Cash for Clunkers Summary
Doc 1493b
Summary sheet of 1493

Cash for Clunkers
Doc 1493
The original spreadsheet showing the maximum possible C4C program participants. Done before the final program was announced, but offers some overall used-vehicle insights.